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Friday, October 29, 2010


Agony is when you are on a plane running a flu. And your ears are threatening to explode because of the pressure. The pain is so intense tt you can only pray for the plane to quickly descend while pressing your fingers against your ears to try to alleviate, to numb the agony. And the built up of the pressure on the ears is so bad tt it triggers a stabbing headache too. And that was the state I was in when I landed in Bangkok last evening. My head throbbing and half deaf.

This is the second holiday this year I have travelled when I was sick. But then again as most people who know me would say,I go on a heck lot of holidays. They would even jokingly wonder if I even work at all. What they dont know is the price I have to pay for these holidays. Work pays for these holidays and my health pays for work(&the accompanying stress). But the absolute worst bit about this bangkok holiday isnt the physical agony, it is how my travelling companion this time reminds me at every turn, of my CEB. I really miss him now. :-(

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