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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chasing the Dead by Joe Schreiber

If you are wondering about the lack of pictures in the more recent posts and in this one, the reason is because my laptop has gone kaput. Thankfully I've managed to back up the data I want to keep before the machine refused to load windows altogether. Hopefully my sis's bf can repair the darned thing which has seen me through the China project and is but 2 years old only. In the meantime, I just have to remember to bring my SD card to work and load the pics I wanna use on my office PC.

So, I am on a reading spree of horror books now, ever since I picked up "Chasing the Dead" purely by chance at the library. It was one of the featured books laid out on the table and from its appearance, the novel seemed deceptively like one of the run of the mill horror books written by some unknown author. However, it was anything but that. Maybe that is why I had that dream about dead pp which I blogged about earlier here.

The Slog Reviews: 9/10. The author has done an amazing job of maintaing the pace and tempo of the story which leads one unable to put down the book once one has started on the first page. And you know the story is going to get just better with a para like that "The past is never done with us in any substantial way. The most cursory examination reveals its bloody fingerprints on every surface of our lives."

The story starts with a narration of the past where a "man" is murdered by a boy. The murder is witnessed by his friend called Sue Young who helps him dispose of the body. The story then fast forwards to when the boy and girl are grown. We are told from the onset that the boy had left Sue, and their one year old child without any explanation. We are taken into Sue's worst nightmare where she receives a call from a stranger that he has kidnapped her child. From there, the horror unfolds as she realises that she is battling an ancient supernatural evil. If one likes John Saul's books, one would find Joe Schreiber does an equally good job (if not better IMHO because of the compactness and pace of his book) of giving one the willies!

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