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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Anniversary of The Slog Reviews

Exactly one year ago to this date, I started this blog - The Slog Reviews, that is. Prior to that, this blog was known by another name and contained the type of entries that I never thought I would write again - the writings of a girl very much in love and looking forward to a happy ever after with the first man she had given her heart to.

When that relationship of 10 years ended in a sad bitter mess (the mess being 2 other women whose existence I had been blissfully unaware of came to light one fateful day before the happy ever after event was to happen), I deleted every single entry I had painstakingly written over the years. It was 1 of the most difficult things I had to do and I could only find the strength to erase all the memories more than one year after that relationship had ended. I did not save or print anything I'd written in any format - and it took me less than 15mins to extinguish our story together from the virtual world. Amazingly, I didn't shed a tear throughout the process - or maybe it wasn't that amazing because I must have used up my quota of tears long before the day I put all my hopes of a happy ever after with him behind a locked door.

So, this blog and my heart was left empty for a time. Not my life though - I was fortunate enough to have God, my sister, my beloved boss, my good colleague, my friends (which included my CEB and the Slug) and sufficient, shall we say, "distractions" to sustain me through the valley of darkness where all I wanted to do was wallow, where my prayer each night was not to awake to another pointless day, where I questioned the purpose of not just my life but that of the people on the street. I could not understand why they wanted to live, esp when they had so little materially and not much likelihood of improving their current state of affairs. And my laugh was mirthless when someone told me that it was relationships, love, hope and faith that kept them going. I had all of that before, did I not, and see where it had gotten me - and that was when I swore never ever again would I commit the same mistake I'd made when I was 18.

However, I see now that these very same elements which caused my downfall then are the very same as those which sustained and then strengthened me - faith, love and relationships. All the entries that I have written this past one year would not have been possible without the gift of these. In fact, there wouldn't be The Slog, this Slog today if not for all these wonderful pp who have blessed my life just by being in it.

So on this note, I thank all of you who have each in one way, directly or indirectly contributed to The Slog's life - although life is a series of meetings and partings, I want you to remember that if you ever felt your life was pointless - it isn't. Because in your lifetime, there is someone whose life you have made a difference to and who is most grateful to you - the Slog here :)

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