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Monday, February 28, 2011

First pre-wedding photoshoot (indoors)

Just like much of life is a gamble, our choice of a bridal studio was a gamble too. Given our twice-weekly forays into our neighbouring country, we spent a couple of days visiting the different bridal shops before deciding to sign up with the one that we both were comfortable with in terms of the gowns available, pricing and photography+video skills. I wasn't too sure about the make-up artist though when I first met up but she was the only one attached to the studio so trust in her I had to. And, thankfully she turned out to be a gem! That's her working her magic with my hair!

As you can tell from the photo below, my CEB's sense of humor has not been the least dampened despite having to wait for more than 2 hours at the bridal studio for me to be done with the make-up and hair. His part of geting dressed and pimped up took all of 15mins!

All the photos here (except for the one above) were taken by my CEB and again, I'm grateful to him for making what could have been a boring tedious and painful exercise, one of the most enjoyable and memorable days that we've had together. It reinforces my belief that it is the company (or rather choice of company) that one has, that makes all the difference. There was never a bored or bad moment throughout the entire photoshoot when I was with my CEB!

That's one of the 2 wedding gowns that I get to pick for the actual day of the wedding. We like the design because it is unique and slightly dated (like gowns in the 60s). And I think the make-up artist matched my make-up and hair to the gown!

A close-up picture of the magic Stephanie worked with my hair using a hot iron and fresh pinkish flowers that she bought from the market in the morning. She said that the hair spray was her best friend, and trust me, watching all the gunk out in the night took quite a lot of effort!

And of course, we brought along our wedding bands - my CEB took the photo below of me holding them during one of the quiet moments we got to spend together without the "entourage". :P

And how could we not commend the bridal studio on their excellent service! They even bought food for us without us having to ask (or pay for that matter). I don't know if that is the case for any other bridal and photography studios in Singapore.

The photo below is the last photo of the indoors session that my CEB snapped before Stephanie "confiscated" his camera. I have to admit that my CEB might be able to give the professional photographer Henry a serious run for his money indeed! :D

Or maybe not. We have a date to select the photographs that we want this Sunday and my CEB has a nasty suspicion that we will end up spending more than we anticipated if the pictures turn out to be very nice. And judging from the looks of the first photo that the bridal studio has put up of us on FB, I think he is right!

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