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Monday, March 07, 2011

Professionally taken pre-wedding photos

We spent this weekend selecting the pre-wedding photographs that we wanted for the wedding album. We had negotiated for 25 poses over 13 pages and although more than 100 different photos had been printed for our selection, through a process of elimination (2 rounds), then selection, we managed to quickly weed down the number of photos to just 25. My CEB and I work well together like that.

For those of you my friends who read my blog but do not have facebook, I thought I'll take the chance to share with you some of our pre-wedding photos which our bridal studio, EM, uploaded on their website. This picture below is one of my favorite pictures of my CEB and me, and among the 25 we selected. It was really raining at the railway station when we were out for the photo-shoot and this photo was taken quite by chance when our beloved photographer Henry told us to pose with our umbrellas. My CEB is supposed to be whispering the magic three words in my ear but do not be fooled by the look on my face, he was whispering another 3 words! In any case, I think Henry is marvelous at capturing the mood/emotion.

The photo below is 1 of those which EM put on FB but which we did not select as 1 of the 25 because we had quite a number taken at the same location which we really liked. We certainly didn't expect Henry to ask my CEB to lift me because my CEB and I are about the same height. However, my CEB gamely tried (yes, his knees are really buckling as in the pic!) and he even managed to hold the pose long enough for this shot to be taken. You rock, my CEB!

The shot below is one of those "Arty" types which we didn't pick either for our photo album. However, I thought I'll share the picture below too because the lighting and composition of the picture is just beautiful. Henry's skill is just amazing and I hope he wins many awards in the years to come.

The whole wedding planning process has had its stressful moments but being with my CEB has made the process a painless one - we had so much fun doing the pre-wedding photoshoot over the 2 days, and even when it came to choosing the design for the invitation card inserts today, we were as much aligned as when it came to choosing the pre-wedding photos. I think my CEB is indeed the man for me. :D

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