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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The day before (the wedding)

Before the day before the wedding, I had my nails done. U know how sometimes we subject ourselves to something we ordinarily wouldn't do, and then regret every min (and cent) spent? Getting gel extensions (my nails were really short) took 2 hours and getting the 3D art work done on them, another 1 hour. So 3 hrs later and RM230 poorer, I managed to check off "Get a manicure and pedicure" on the "To-Do Wedding checklist".

The day before the wedding, my CEB picked me up about 9.30am for our 10.30am appointment at ROM. As their premises at Fort Canning were undergoing renovation works, we went to their temporary quarters at MND Building. As you can tell from the picture below, getting the forms to be married was pretty much like collecting one's passport at ICA - press the machine for a queue number and wait for one's turn at the counter. The only difference is that we both had to raise our right hands and read off a declaration form. Nothing the least bit romantic about the process and I'm glad I wore a T shirt and shorts there (because of what we intended to do in the night).

After getting the forms, I was very hungry and persuaded my CEB to drop by the hawker center at Hong Lim Complex for brunch at my favourite Bak Kut Teh store - Morning Bak Kut Tea (#01-72). I simply love the BKT from this hawker stall - the soup is cooked to salty herbal perfection and the meat just falls off the bones. I could happily eat from this store 5 days a week and writing about it now makes my mouth water.

But I digress. After brunch, we swung by Bukit Batok area to pick up the linen cloth for the church reception table which the caterer had kindly agreed to loan to me, and we also went to my lead coordinator's house to pass her the items she would be using to set up the reception table at church the next morning. By the time we were done, it was about 1.30pm and raining cats and dogs when we headed into Malaysia to pick up the wedding gowns and suit, wedding bouquet and corsages, as well as get the car decoration for the wedding car (my CEB's own car) done. (I'll write more about the wedding studio in a separate entry)

By the time we were done at the wedding studio, it was about 4pm and we headed back to Singapore to his house where we covered up the car and left it there. Using my car, we headed for Sembawang Shopping Center to have a good dinner at Aston's Specialties despite the kind advice from the wedding coordinator not to have steak before the wedding. I figured that since I hadn't lost any weight for 1 of the most important days of my life, it would make sense to just give in to my craving...and did I indeed. :P A beef baby I carried the next day as penance.

After dinner, we went to the church where we were to be married in the morning and carried out the table for the reception table as well as placed the chairs for the lunch buffet. It took all of 15 minutes to complete that and by 10pm, we both were back at our respective homes. Unlike many of my friends who reported that they couldn't sleep the entire night before, I had absolutely no problem falling asleep at my usual bedtime of 1am - it's all in the mind! :D

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