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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking at home on a weekend

Where I had previously spent my free time looking for travel deals, I now spend my free time googling things like how to cook cod fish, vegetables or even minced meat. My Father-In-Law was right - when I told him b4 marriage I didn't know how to cook or work a washing machine, he said "one would naturally learn, or want to."

It wasn't always this way though - when we were first married, my CEB was the one who had to do the cooking. I've finally brought home my BB cable to download the pics and the pic below is of him preparing the very first home-cooked meal at the place we are staying.

Truth be told, all I did was take photos with my BB of my CEB hard at work in the kitchen. At the time of this picture, I hadn't turned on a stove in more than a decade, except perhaps to cook instant noodles. And it was great to watch the husband doing things I didn't even know where to begin getting done.

And my CEB managed to whip up something that fed both of us well enough with whatever basic utensils we had then - some pots and pans. The soup below, campbell soup with udon noodles, yes, my CEB does like soup very much. Even the Bak Kut Teh soup that I'd cooked for the first time which was far closer to bland than tasty.

But last Sunday (and wow time does go by so quickly because it is Sunday now as I type this), after lunch at Lao Beijing (more on that later) with my side of the family, I decided to make a second go at the Bak Kut Teh. Not because I was determined to make a great dish, but simply because I had another (and final) pack of pork ribs in the fridge.

This time around, I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen. Primarily because the frying pan that we had was too small for the huge bunch of dou miao that I wanted to cook. I had to fry 3 rounds in that pan just for the veg! And of course, while frying, there was the Bak Kut Teh simmering on the other side of the stove, with much less water this time and a lot more seasoning.

I also dug out the frozen food stuff - otah pohpiah and nuggets, and managed to deep fry these by tilting the shallow pan and have the oil pool on one side. When I laid the dining table as per the pic below, I thought that this was all the food we were going to have for our dinner...until my CEB said "Where are the prawns?" And then I remembered we had another 1/3 packet of fresh water shrimps which I'd taken out to defrost earlier in the day.

So, this is how very much we had for dinner on Sunday. All cooked by yours truly.
When we were done with most of the dishes, my CEB said most seriously,
"Dear, I am too full to move from the dining table"

But he managed to, after a few grunts, and even mopped the entire house, as well as ironed my clothes. What is there not to love about the husband indeed :)

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