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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Travel light so you can sing in the robber's face

I have a splitting headache that is keeping me awake at this ungodly hour despite my desire to fall into blissful slumber.

I guess it is to do with everything said and done earlier today. Esp the packing which made me realize how much stuff I'd acquired over the years and how, none of it really matters, is really important or is even, stuff that I need.

It made think of this quote I'd come across "Travel light so you can sing in the robber's face." Of course, the quote doesn't refer only to the pointless acquisition of material stuff, but a way of living life so that one does not fear death (the robber).

And that made me think of the movie "Up in the air" where the lead compared relationships to burdens that one is obliged to shoulder, weighing one down.

I guess my problem is that I don't travel light. So when the robber comes, I lose a lot more than I would have if I had not acquired so much. And end up feeling doubly miserable and desolate.

Today was a good day. Even though I am very sad, it was good. Because it was a turning-the-corner day, the day I face up to the fact that I've made a mistake, the day I understood exactly where I stood, the day I resolved not to be stupid any more, and the day I'm going to start travelling very very light.

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