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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wiped out

The husband has fallen asleep next to me, one hand on my lap. I like looking at him sleep, his lips are always upturned just this bit gently. And the best part is that he isn't coughing any more - thank goodness for the cough medicine which knocks him out cold.

The poor dude - I would gladly exchange places with my CEB if I could. But since I can't, the least I could do and did, was to boil honey ginseng drink for him this morning, cook shi quan herbal soup for dinner and give him some manuka honey before bedtime. In addition to making sure that he took his med, cough drops and rubbing vicks under his nose - a sick husband, esp a sick buaya, is quite a handful.

I will be a year older in fifteen minutes, by the way.

My CEB bought a laptop today and gave it to me. He said he would also get me the iPhone5 the first month it launches, as the other part of my birthday present. That should be fun - I told him I wanted the phone in its original condition - the husband has a knack of playing with/taking apart all IT gadgets that come his way.

But all that aside, what my CEB had done on Sat with me, was the best gift of all. We had gone to TTSH in the morning and I felt the desire to attend Novena, something I had not done for more than a year. Maybe it was also the timing - because we finished shopping in time for the 1pm Novena.

It may sound silly but it took me 2 tries before I dared to ask my CEB to go to church with me. I was afraid of rejection, and also expected to be rebuked harshly since both of us had reached the common understanding that we would not try to convert each other.

But it is clear that I gave my CEB less credit than he deserved because after I prayed silently for courage to ask my CEB to go to church, asked him hesitantly if he could please go to church for half an hour with me, and was bracing myself for the expected "Can we not? Can don't go? Can you go yourself I meet you later" etc etc

My wonderful CEB instead answered "Can I say no? Okay lor"

And he went with me willingly. It is really hard not to love and respect this most open-minded husband I have.

Even if right after attending church...
My CEB solemnly "It is God's "whale" (will) that I marry the whale".
Me !@!#@$@$@
My CEB "Maybe the Holy Grail was not found because God meant the Holy Whale" (points to me and laughs)
Me !@!#@$@ UGH!!@!@#

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