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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Well, at least I know one thing hasn't changed despite my being gone for some time.

My CEB is curled up soundly asleep next to me as I write this one quick entry while waiting for all the pics to be transferred to this computer.

While my CEB and I get along pretty well for the most part, close proximity for an extended period of time does increase the likelihood of spats and the like. I know marriage is all about proximity but the "24-7 in your face" type of proximity can be a bit overwhelming.

And our honeymoon was a lot of the latter kind.

I would love to say that every single day/moment of our honeymoon was as happy/loving as the pic above (taken at Taquile island) but it wasn't. I was irritable and snappy some days, and my CEB was an irrational and bad-tempered fella for some bits.

But there was this 1 really bad spat near the end where I could not bring myself to be with/talk to my CEB. However because we were bound by the travel schedule, I had to sit next to him on the plane..

And while I looked at him who had fallen into angry slumber (arms folded across his chest), I felt awful for my own less than nice behavior/words because....God had given me this fella as my husband for me to respect, love and honor. Not to hurt with words or action. And even if I didn't approve of his actions/words during the spat, holding onto my resentment/anger and ignoring him would just make my own actions just as bad.

So I took his hand and made peace. As well as apologized.

I quite forgot the whole thing after we made up on the plane. But after the flight while waiting for the luggage, my CEB hugged me and said

"You know your husband loves you very much, don't say things to break his heart."


I know. Awwwwww......

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