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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ooo...10 months together!

Our marriage has rolled past the 10th month mark! We are grateful indeed because this month has been the most difficult month of our marriage so far. This time last year we were preparing for our wedding, taking our pre-wedding photos like the one below.

This time this year, we are finding out that maintaining a marriage is no less challenging than preparing for a wedding.

Talking about wedding reminds me - instead of composing a song and serenading me at our wedding, my CEB was struck by a wave of inspiration to write me a song only last weekend.

And this is what he warbled to me:
(To the tune of Que Sara Sara)

"When (insert unspeakable pet name) was just a little (insert unspeakable pet name),
she asked her husband, what will she be .
will she be pretty, will she be sexy,
and this is what her husband said to her

Oh (insert unspeakable pet name TWICE),
just feel your tummy
and face reality

And this is where my CEB chortles with glee so hard he can barely choke out the rest of the words.



ZR said...

Hey Jacq! ZR here.. Andrew's song is damn funny!!!!

M said...

Tell me about it! He keeps singing that damn song to me with different variations!