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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An example of a disastrous meal

I usually cook once on a weekday night for dinner other than on Sundays. My CEB had a craving for chicken cordon bleu and I had some excess spinach to cook, along with a packet of fishballs that my CEB had bought earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, I had no idea how to cook clear soup with fish-balls and I didn't have any stock with me so I decided to take out 2 cans of fish maw soup from New Moon and cook the fishballs in them. And yes, that was a bad idea.

Together with the idea of trying to cook spinach with mushrooms instead of dried shrimps.

The worst bit was trying to cook the cordon bleu using a frying pan over the fire. Because we seldom cook, I don't have a deep fryer or a convection microwave. So trying to cook the chicken without burning the skin was a challenge. My very observant CEB asked where the skin of one one of the fillets was when I served up the dish and I told him bluntly that it was charred. It is so much work trying to cook without the right tools. Oh but don't you worry. I'm going to fix that with the upcoming electrical sale.

But that could not compare to the soup which tasted bland and tasteless with too many fishballs floating around it. Fishballs absolutely do not go with fish maw soup!

I realize I've been a wife for almost a year and while I am getting the hang of it, I'm still at the bottom end of the learning curve in terms of domestic skills. I guess it all takes effort and constant practice.

Loving my CEB on the other hand doesn't require much of that. He still is, for 90% of the time, a really easy fellow to love. He does his bit of the housework responsibly on the weekends, snuggles up to me in bed in the nights, and he goes to Novena with me too!

I love his open mindedness, his open and direct manner (eg: when I caught him looking at my legs tonight, I asked him what he was thinking, and he said your legs are fat. Yes Yes his ears got pulled for that), the mix of manliness and yet endearing boyishness in him, and ooooo, he is so made for cuddling. I can't help but pull him close for a snuggle when he falls asleep first.

Never thought I'll say this but there is still no one else in this world I would want to wake up to and go to sleep with than this giant cheese-eating buaya of mine. Almost 11 months of marriage and I think how glad I am to be married to this great fellow.

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