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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our first year of marriage!

We just had our first wedding anniversary (26 May) in Japan - at the Mount Fuji area to be precise.

The work/holiday trip was a fantastic celebration of our matrimonial love crossing the 1 year mark. I'm so happy to have my CEB as my husband! No matter how much time we are destined to have together, I will always be thankful that I've had these wonderful months, memories and love with him.

My dearest love, my husband.

Thank you for providing for me, for sheltering me, for giving your heart to me, for trusting me, for filling my days with the deepest tenderness and joy that I've ever known, for listening, for trying your best to make our marriage work, for sharing my life...for just being you.

You give meaning to the words "to hold and to love all the days of my life". Which is what I want to do with you. You make me want to grow old with you, You make me want to have many more nights with you like this one we've had and many more days like this day we shared. I want to be able to continue looking over at you just inches away all curled up asleep with Buah Buah in your arms, to know that once I put aside this computer I'll snuggle up against your back and hold you tight. Or to fall asleep in the crook of your arm with our legs intertwined and wake up in the morning to your kisses and hugs. Nothing in the world is more precious to me than this opportunity and time I have with you, someone I have grown to love more deeply over time.

Even though you are my big strong tiger, you evoke in me the strongest sense of gentleness and affection. I can only hope that I make you as happy as you have made me. And from your state of contentment and heart-felt loving words almost every day, I believe that you are. For you know you are loved, needed, respected and trusted so very much by your (insert unflattering nickname twice)

May God continue to bless our love and marriage. To our first anniversary once more - cheers.

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