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Monday, November 26, 2012

One and a half years of marriage

The past few weeks have been nothing short of tough on the relationship as we both had to adjust to the various changes (physical and lifestyle) but we made it through to the 18th monthiversary, something which I am truly grateful for.

More than ever, in my current state, I realize the importance of having a spouse who is supportive, encouraging and understanding. When one is in the pink of health or at least in control of one's body, it is far easier to reciprocate loving gestures/words, and to contribute to a relationship effectively.

I guess the test of the strength of a marriage is when one partner is simply unable to "pull one's weight" or do anything for the other partner. It calls for the other partner to give unconditionally and to pull double the weight to get the day to day done, and to do even more than before to maintain the relationship.

Thank you, my CEB for adapting to the changes in our lifestyle as best as you can, and for being all that I needed during this very tough period. We certainly hadn't expected or provisioned that this pregnancy would require so much sacrifice and adjustments (unlike the aftermath which we were aware of) but I'm glad that you were what I had expected - stepping up when needed. :)

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