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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The first day in weeks without a single puke

Yesterday, I did not puke at all. Couple of dry retches but no vomiting. I did not eat much (loss of appetite) that day, rested a lot and only ate my folic acid + vitamin B6 in the night instead of in the morning.

So as I prepared for bed, I thanked God repeatedly, heartily and sincerely for such a wonderful day. I was positive that the tide had finally turned given that it was time it should. I'll be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all about the twins but since all the other symptoms - heartburn, tender boobs, nausea (queasy) and a total loss of appetite were still present, I figured that this was God hearing my pleas and cries for mercy. It's been sometime that I have begged God so desperately to save me.

This morning I woke up still feeling decent. No appetite still but without excess saliva pooling or stomach churning - those are the first signs everything is going to hell for the rest of the day. I figured I would repeat what I did yesterday with respect to the vitamins in case that was the make or break factor.

So to start, I had a banana, a bowl of fishball kway teoh noodles (good stuff as it makes for easy regurgitation) and because the weather was hot, a cup of sugar cane juice with a little ice.

Within the next hour...vomit storm. I splattered the floor of a public restroom because I thought it would be a dry retch and in the car, in 30mins and over 5-7 bouts, I filled 2 plastic bags with vomit. When we got to the destination, I puked in the toilet again. There was a merciful 2 hour break when we were watching a movie after and then it was back to dry retching (as my stomach was empty). After a nice seafood dinner (which for me was a disaster because I could barely eat and puked whatever I ate right after), I had another 2 hours break till I got home where I popped a Zofran.

My body, you are such a let down which is already hard to forgive...and now you want to screw with my mind too. Getting my hopes up before dashing them down. See what you do once you are given power for the first time over the mind??!

Sigh. Why is it that despite how far we have come, robotic arms and face transplants, no one has come up with a SAFE sedative for pregnant women? A pill to get rid of morning sickness altogether would be too much to ask, I get that, but how about just that little sedative to give me some relief from this nightmare?

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