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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Not all things can be undone without consequences. Or cost.

And I'm not talking about the time or money spent in the doing. That's sunk and irrecoverable.

I'm talking about the going forward to undo.

I don't believe in looking back and regretting the decisions I have made (although it is inevitable in moments of weakness I do). Because it doesn't change what has been done or my current predicament, which is what it would not have been if I had made a different decision then.

I think it's best to think, comfort myself, that whatever decision I made was the best and practically, the only one I could have given all the circumstances then. That way, I leave No room for regrets and "should haves".

Which brings me now to an important decision that I (THINK) I have to make unfortunately. Other than my notorious history of wallowing, agonizing and refusing to make the tough decisions that so obviously need to be made, why I blogging about this one is because I feel frustrated and mad my hands are so bound when it comes to this decision.

By law.

For now, that is. There will come a time though when the cost of obedience to those laws is too high a price to pay and I would risk all and incur the cost and bear the consequences to proceed to undo what has been done.

I'm just wondering when that time will come. And no, I'm not referring here to my current predicament despite the hell the hormones are putting me through.

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