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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A competition of sorts...

I'll talk to the twins directly once they can hear me, which is very soon, according to pregnancy websites, and I have plenty to say while they are still in there. While they don't have a choice but to listen to me, just like I don't have a choice over what they decide to do with the food I put in my body.

It's become a competition of sorts now. I struggle not to vomit and they (I can't blame my body any more at this stage) decide what they want to keep down.

The latest scoreboard looks like this:
Tuna on bread? Vomit
Pork floss bun? Vomit
Fish Porridge? Vomit.
Century egg&pork porridge? Keep down.
Bread or biscuits? Keep down
Nonya bak Chang. Keep down
Milk with cereal? Keep down
Cheese Prata? Vomit
Manhatten flaming platter? Keep down
Chicken rice? Vomit
Popeyes chicken? Vomit
Tomato soup? Vomit
Tomato soup again cos its good stuff for them ( I don't even like it)? Vomit.
Wagyu beef n mushrooms? Vomit. Kiddos, that was v good food k!

It's pretty clear who is winning for now but that better change when they are out else there's going to be real trouble!

Right now, we are also tussling over when to vomit. Before, they were the unbeaten champions. I vomited everywhere and whenever they deemed fit - public dustbins, while driving or watching movies, in plastic bags and every toilet I have been to etc. Now, I actually get to fight back a little. Like while in the bath just now, I had the urge to vomit and I fought against it. The twins must have resisted even harder because in the end I gagged and the food rose up uncontrollably in my mouth. Well, not to be thwarted and sit ankle deep in vomit, I swallowed back whatever filled my mouth.

Mistake. Tomato soup tasted terribly sour after 2 hours of being mixed with stomach juices. Now I feel sicker than ever. Meh. No wonder I haven't gained any weight till now - I'm still lighter than I was before I was pregnant. The twins are getting (and will continue to drain me of) what they need anyway so I guess it's a good thing that I was eating so healthily and plentifully before.

Still, my skirts are getting tighter (in one week) and despite my delaying, I might have to get some maternity clothes soon. I intend to get the minimal since this is the very last time I am torturing myself like this. I am glad for this blog which is a reminder of how miserable and awful the past few weeks were. On good days when I am caressing my baby bump, I can almost barely remember the exhaustion and nausea. Then I read those entries again and I'm like Oh yeah, never again.

I can't wait to see the twins at the next checkup. Given how sick I have been, I am far from worried about them. Gloves off soon if I am going to be this sick for the rest of the pregnancy!

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