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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Living on a prayer

Yesterday was a good day - by good day I mean I only vomited twice. Once after lunch and once in the afternoon. Unlike the other good day that I had some weeks back where I spent the day resting, this good day was spent with my CEB doing volunteer work.

I was all prepared for the day - popped Reglan in the morning, dry ate (minimal fluids with food), 3 plastic bags stuffed in my bag to puke in, a thick sweater so I would not get feverish and do the heave o in front of the rest of the volunteers.

Surprisingly, I was kept so busy that this overrode the urge to puke (queasy feeling was still there) and in the evening when manning the registration counter, I talked so much that the excess saliva problem I have been suffering from the past week (spitting a lot) was not a problem anymore.

The best part of the whole day was having my CEB with me also doing volunteer work. Now, I had to do this work but he hadn't signed up for it and most certainly wasn't obliged to. But he still went ahead and gave 6 hours on a Sat afternoon to do charity work. I am so proud of my CEB for being such a selfless good good husband!
And in the morning, he went out early to queue to get my mother's birthday present!

I'm living on a prayer that things will continue to be as good as they were yesterday - health wise esp. I really appreciate not having the twins remind me that they are around every day by sending me to the toilet to do the puke-a-roo. I have plenty of reminders in the night when I am clambering out of bed at least thrice to go to the toilet. I think they are still sitting on my bladder which has become pint sized. Meh.

I am out of Zofran and I don't care to spend anymore on it since taking the last pill on Fri was a waste. I puked twice in the office within 4 hours and in the next hour, I had the churning stomach which meant big time trouble. Puking up bile and gasping up air as I crouched by the toilet bowl. First time this happened with Zofran. Before it would be just normal pukes with Zofran, not this consecutive heaving episode. Why why why isn't there anything that gets rid of symptoms like nausea and vomiting?

Funny thing about extended periods of suffering - while I can't adapt to the daily retching, vomiting, spitting, with the resignation that this didn't go away per the textbooks when it should, I have surrendered all hope of that miraculous day where I would wake up and feel like my old self. And without hope of an end to this misery, I am somehow more calm about the way things are.

Maybe the fact that I have 75% of my energy back, I am keeping most food down, and my nose is less sensitive (though I still abhor eggs and the smell of instant noodles seasoning) helps a great deal too.

Still 3kg down from my weight when I first found out but my jeans which were loose can't zip anymore. Time to get the Bellaband!

Ps: reached a new low tonight...vomited in the bath tub while washing my hair. Toilet bowl was too far and there was nowhere else to vomit. And of course the drainage got clogged with puke while I was sitting there so there I sat with puke swirling around me (could not get out immediately as my hair was lathered in shampoo). I am seriously starting to hate my body, adjust already damn it!

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