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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Shifting goal posts

I have got 65% of my energy back but I am still as sick as a dog, vomiting between 5 to 10 times (not counting dry retches) a day when on anti nausea medicine. If I do without the medication, it's like 15 times minimum and with acidic water flowing out at least once...oh, and the kind of consecutive heaving that brings me to my knees as I puke bile and acidic juices out.

So back to the medication I go despite the side effects and the cost. Did I mention that one freaking Zofran tablet costs more than SGD10? Take the dosage of 3 a day and we are looking at major damage a month. I am down to my last pill which I am saving for Friday when I have a long day at work full of meetings.

Raglan and another less effective anti nausea medicine prescribed (it was cheap) will have to suffice till this misery ends. I would of course love to be meds free but I have to be functional, or at least alive to do the twins any good. And yeah having my job would be most helpful too .

I am praying fervently still that this morning sickness will end since I am PAST when it should have ended. Truth be told I feel like collapsing in tears when I think about how the goalpost keeps getting pushed back - I hang on with the promised end in sight, and then when I hit that mark, I find that it isn't the end. It sucks. PREGNANCY SUCKS. You have to experience all this shit to get it. I wouldn't do this again. My body is just a huge let down but hey what's new about that.

The twins on the other hand are a different story. In the Oscar scan (the results were excellent), twin A (the gummy bear looking one) was sleeping, arms at the side. Twin B (the fuzzy looking one) was awake though and sucking at his/her hand, the legs bent in a cycling position. Beyond cute.

The next doctors checkup, when he did the scan, twin B looked like a gummy bear sleeping (could only see the heartbeat in his/her body) while twin A was active, moving about clearly and waving his/her arms.

I don't have a feel about their gender yet but we will know soon enough. I need to know to shop effectively. Right now I just get boys clothes if I don't see gender neutral ones. Girls can wear baby boys clothes and colors (Tom boys) but not the other way around.

If only the morning sickness will end so I can at least find the energy to read up on pregnancy, do what has to be done to prepare for their arrival, and enjoy the pregnancy, given that no matter what the outcome this time, it will be my last. Ever.

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