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Monday, April 29, 2013

Less than a month left

Yeah, not even 4 weeks left and I can't wait. Pregnancy is a blessing but for those who have had it rough like yours truly, there is nothing quite like getting your body back.

My body is aching in so many places that I am one giant mass of pain. My back, which I can't sleep on anymore due to the weight of the bump, my left ribs which are terribly sore because Twin B has decided to lodge her knees/foot/elbow in there, my unmentionables because they are preparing for childbirth...Things I took for granted like flipping from side to side I can't do now without wincing in pain and using my upper body and arms. And getting up to pee for the xth no of times is an exercise on its own. Oh and recently I have had to clear my bowels several times a day, no shit (ok bad joke) and I found out from Dr Google that this is cos of my expanding uterus ie growing babies. The same uterus has also displaced my internal organs - my diaphragm is so mashed up that I get breathless and dizzy even in bed. I literally can't breathe and have to pant n gasp so that I don't pass out. When I am in bed though, I just pray to pass out so I don't feel the rest of the aches. And when Twin B curls up tightly just under my ribcage, I literally hyper ventilate from having no room to catch a breath.

So while Twin B is wrecking havoc on the top half, Twin A has decided to get in on the fun too. Now I feel dull thuds n kicks from her resonating through the bottom half of my body which is thankfully bearable as these are muffled. It is only when she decides to step on my bladder that I decide she isn't so gentle after all. That pain is a sharp unyielding pain which demands immediate attention and shifting of one's body. Not like Twin B whose tightening, rolling and kicking I can sometimes ignore.

My digestive system is a mess - I have no appetite and can't stop vomiting everyday, between 5-10 hurls. Not as bad as the first trimester but terribly disruptive n exhausting. To add, I have a vile taste in my mouth, excessive saliva and smell bad enough for my CEB to crawl off me. I also belch and burp uncontrollably with a rattling sound. Thank goodness for the medication for heartburn which means no acid reflux.

Oh, and my feet and ankles are swollen too. Never small to begin with, they look like an elephant's legs now. Flexing them hurts. Can't walk much now and not like I am inclined too since I am exhausted every day. Like today, I can't get out of bed at all being achy and fatigued beyond measure. So here I lie on my left side with the twins squirming away merrily keeping me company.

I am miserable miserable MISERABLE. And I can't fathom why and how anyone would do this more than once. Maybe God knows that I'll only do this once so he has blessed us with twins.

One pregnancy, one delivery....yeah I'll take that despite the additional expenses.

PS: Just vomited out with great gusto the salmon fish I marinated and steamed for dinner. Here I am trying to get the best food into them and there's my reward - right back in the bowl! I really am counting the days till I get my body back (as it was b4 pregnancy and no I won't complain anymore about it though it was a large one as it enabled me to still function and have an identity of sorts).

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