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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Twin A - First Laughter

UI'd stumbled out of bed at 330am for my nightly pumping session because for some reason my alarm set for 2am hadn't gone off.

Was done by 4.30am where I pumped a record of 170ml and went in to check on the twins. Changed diapers for Twin B while watching Twin A being cuddled by the Confinement Lady (CL) in her bed. Twin B started fussing for milk so the CL went to prepare formula milk (FM) for both twins. I then did diaper duty for Twin A while the CL returned to start Twin B's feeding.

So it was up to me to feed Twin A which as usual I did a half-blotched job. That girl won't drink a whole bottle at a go unlike Twin B so I usually have to pass her over to the CL for the CL to finish coaxing her to finish all.

So, I burped Twin A while waiting for the CL to finish with Twin B. After some serious neck twisting by Twin A to indicate she was done with the burping session, I laid her back in the crook of my arms and tried to get her to feed again. No success. So I looked at her beautiful little sleepy face and just enjoyed the moment. 

Then she started breathing v quickly, sort of hyperventilating and just as I was getting worried, she broke out into a widest gaping smile (which had me marveling at her beauty) and to the CL and my amazement, chuckled loudly - some what like hehehe. 

Oh my lovely sweet Twin A - I feel so fortunate to have been there to hear, see and witness your first chuckle! Even though you sent your mama scurrying all the way to town yesterday to get cloth diapers, inserts and diaper covers because of your diaper rash, mummy still loves you so much!

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