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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twin B - Little Swimmer

I wrote an entry about Twin A's laughter a few weeks back and have been meaning to write about Twin B but as usual, what with the breastfeeding, burping, diapering and spending time on and with the twins, I haven't had a chance to till today. And of course, Twin B being hospitalized twice this month (the first where she was diagnosed to be possibly lactose intolerant given the amount of gas in her belly and the second where she was diagnosed to have reflux) kept us all extremely busy.

Ah Twin B, I love her so much that I'm terrified anything will happen to her such that I will never be with her again. Because I believe that a baby, an infant is pure and without sin, their souls will be received back into Heaven should anything happen to them. And I, I am a sinner and therefore I do not know whenever in eternity will I have a chance to be with this child of mine if she should leave me in her infancy. I want to believe that we will meet in Heaven but as I said, she is pure and I am not and this leaves me desperately and pathetically afraid of losing her, of losing this time I am given with her. All I want to do is scoop her up in my arms when I wake up, plant a million kisses on her chubby cheeks, bury my face into her head full of hair, put a finger in her little fist for her to clench and listen to all her little funny sounds.

I'm so happy when I am with her and when I am away from her, I think of her constantly. I picture her face, I hear her voice in my head and I know that there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than with her. I can't wait for her to grow up, be less fragile and have a better chance of survival but at the same time, I don't want each moment with her to pass.

Twin B is a generally happy baby except when she wants to feed and when she wants to be carried to bed. She seldom wails or fusses even with a soiled diaper and she is happy to lie on a playmat cooing at the toys above her. She enjoys each bath time which makes it a joyful experience for us both - I like the way she throws both arms wide open when I lower her down into the tub and soap her hair, and when I flip her back on her back. Then on the changing table as I dry her down, she has the most contented look on her face, as if she knows that she is in good hands.

Since my baby enjoys the water so much, I signed her and Twin A up for the babyspa swimming sessions where each baby gets to swim around a little tub with a neck float around their necks. Twin B took to the water like an otter, throwing her arms wide open and then paddling around like a natural born swimmer. It was so clear to anyone watching that this little chubby cheeked creature was having the time of her life paddling around in the warm water.  No crying, no fussing, just soaking it up. As Twin B is a little chubby, this swimming about twice or thrice a week should provide some exercise for her but I know I'll love her even if she stays a little chubby cheeked creature. Looking at her, no, just thinking of her alone makes me so happy!