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Sunday, April 20, 2014

11 months

And so 11 months have gone by. The absolutely best months I have had.

I am no longer a kris flyer gold card member or a Hilton Gold member and I am giving up my HSBC infinite card this month as my lifestyle has altered dramatically since I was pregnant. 

I have no regrets living it up before I became a mother and I have less regrets giving it all up in exchange for time with the twins.

The twins now can blow kisses and wave bye or hello. Twin B called my CEB Daddy 2 days ago. I found Twin A's button to make her scream with glee. They crawl everywhere and anywhere and though I bought a 12 panel haenim playard, I have only used 5 panels to block off the TV console area rather than to keep them in. They are curious at this age and want to touch everything. Their fingers are now strong enough to press buttons and both twins can press the button to open the gate. They have also mastered the pincer grip with twin b happily feeding herself the gerber puffs. Twin A prefers eating bread though.

Other than the 2 stuffed toys they were gifted with since birth by my sister and which I take a photo of them with monthly, they do not have any other stuffed toys and display zero interest in cuddling one (twin b will hug on command the giraffe though). They much prefer books and I have tons of books for them to flip while eating or to study the pictures of when they are not crawling about.

I don't know where their interests lie as yet but I think they need to be given the opportunity to be exposed to more than the babyspa and once a week enrichment classes. It is time to start planning indeed.

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