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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Motherhood has been a juggling act, what with twins and having to hold down a full time job. Knowing that my conversations with the twins and time spent interacting with them will have an immeasurable influence on their lives, I have done my best to be around them as much as possible. I plan my days, my time around them and there is sometimes, very little time left for anything else. They are only awake 7am to 7pm and so whatever can be done in the night (work like telecon), is done then.

I know that they will grow up one day. I know that they will leave me one day. But I enjoy them now, so very much. Nothing gives me greater happiness than to see Twin A grin at me in pure joy on the playmat or to have Twin B crawl as fast as her little legs will take her to me saying mama mama. I thank God for my twins, and I thank God for my wonderful job that not only allows me the financial ability to provide for them but also allows me the time with them and to watch them grow up. I love hearing their laughter, playing with them, letting them amaze me with each milestone.

Twin A can crawl over to the bumble bee now to crinkle its wings if I tell her to, and she knows how a book is held, turning it the proper way around if you give it to her upside down. She is also able to flip the flaps of all the books, turn the pages when I tell her "turn the page" and both twins are able to hi five and clap their hands on command. And when I sing row row row the boat, Twin A will rock back and forth to the tune. They are also able to be "little Red Indian girls" by clapping their mouths while making sounds and they know how to press the buttons to the lift to go down and up. Twin B also knows that to open the gate when we come back from the stroll, she must touch the key transponder to the keypad until we hear a beep then we can open the door. She also understands what kicking is snd splashing is and when I tell her to kick the fisher price penguin or the fire hydrant she does do with great gusto!

Babies aren't born knowing all of that. The twins aren't clever or special doing all of the above. All that they can do are the product and results of hours spent by my mother, the nanny, the maid and me with them, talking and teaching, repeating and reading. Buying a bunch of toys (and yes, I have loads) and letting them play with those on their own isn't going to help them. To learn, there must be interaction and effort. To teach, there must be commitment and heart.

Children to be enjoyed and loved. Especially at this age when they adore you and you are the world to them. It is a privilege, a blessing to be a parent, and I feel so so so complete with my 2 little munchkins.that I know with utmost certainty that I will not regret the sacrifices I have made and will make for them.

 I know the best feeling of the world now -  to watch my daughter fall asleep in my arms, to have her want me, call me, lay her head on my shoulder and sometimes just look at me full in the face with an expression of wonder. 

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