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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Passed the 13th month mark

I am still breastfeeding the twins at 13 months. However, I only pump 3x a day and the volume of milk has dropped drastically overnight to a mere 300ml in the morning when it used to be 750ml. The afternoon and evening pumps are even worse - between 140-200ml each session.

Having pumped on a fishing boat and lugged the pump about for two work trips so far, I am happy that I will finally be free of the pump. My last pump will be July 15th before a 10 days work trip where I have no intention to bring the pump at all.

Needless to say I have started introducing formula milk to the twins. Twin A has taken to it but Twin B is still resisting and except for 1 feed, is entirely on breast milk still.

I'm happy and proud that I have breastfed the twins till their 13th month with at least 15 packets of frozen milk still in the freezer. It's been 1 of the longest and hardest challenges as a mother and while I am not a breast feeding nazi, the benefits of feeding BM cannot be denied. 

And I have my mother to thank - before the twins were born, I was happily shopping for toys and clothes. And my mother said to me that one thing my money could not buy was breastmilk and its immeasurable benefits (increased immunity). That goaded me into getting up every 3 hours the first 8 weeks after delivery to pump to establish my supply. Other than fenugreek, I did not resort to any other medication but God was good and I was pumping over 2L of milk by the third week. 

While a huge part of me is happy that this stage of my life is coming to an end, another part is reluctant to stop as there really is no good reason to stop except the hassle of carrying the pump around on the work trip. And dumping away all the milk pumped during that trip.

But I cannot be tied infinitely to the pump and the twins do not go to childcare where there is a higher chance of falling ill  due to the free bugs so stop I will. I think. Heh.

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