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Monday, October 20, 2014

No more falling asleep in my arms

Today I watched Twin B fall asleep on her cot for the first time. Previously she would fall asleep in my arms but for the past few nights, it's been harder and harder for her to fall asleep in my arms. She's usually half asleep when I put her in bed unlike previously when she would fall asleep.

I love her beyond measure, and I feel sad that my little girl is growing up faster than I thought possible. I always tell her "you are so small" and she would say "mama big". And I would say "you are mama's" and she would say "baby".

I used to fear the day she would no longer want me to rock her to bed and that day is upon me. Then the days when she will be able to read on her own will come and I will no longer have the pleasure of putting my little girl on my lap and read all about Clifford, Mr Bones etc.

I cherish each moment, each memory with this child of my heart. 

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