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Friday, November 21, 2014

18 months

The twins turned 18 months yesterday.

I used to buy clothes marked 18mths and 24mths when they were younger since those sizes are the largest in the infant series and now, they are 18 months with a TON of clothes. So much that I feel a little horrified and sick to the stomach at how much clothes they have. I managed to sell most of their old clothes away which is a relief though but I can't stop buying! Oh dear!

Twin A has improved tremendously.  She has stopped crying incessantly and being fearful of everything but seems to have a cleanliness streak which is disturbing. Neither my CEB nor I displayed such traits when we were children, much less now. Twin A refuses to touch sand (which means no playing in the playground with sand), or grass or anything that she views as dirty. She likes carrying packets of tissues or wet wipes in her hands and can be found cleaning the soles of her feet and her hands with the tissues/wet wipes. Twin A is obliging enough when you ask her to tidy up and keep things but when it comes to asking her to fix puzzles, she will only do so when she wants to. Twin A has a streak of mischief and sometimes I find her sitting on Twin B's lap and grinning naughtily.

Twin B has given me everything a mother can dream of. She is the child hugging on to my legs from behind and peeping at strangers (who comment how cute she is), and she is obliging enough when you ask her to fix puzzles or try to touch something. However, she won't fetch things on request or tidy up as obligingly. She has recently developed a bad habit of pushing her sister forward or pointing towards Twin A when you ask her to do something that she doesn't want (eg put hands in the air to be tickled).  Twin B remains a joyous child who makes all of us laugh with her actions (eg when I asked Twin A to close her mouth and turned around to find Twin B pursing her lips tight). When she does something wrong or she is feeling affectionate, she will say "hug" and hug you tight, laying her head on your shoulder. She is eager to learn and displays her memory skills with the flash card series from Glenn Doman. She sends chills up my back when she puts together two words like "black car" or "red car" when she sees one and can formulate a simple sentence like "Dog bark woof woof". She used to want to kiss me and would take my face in her hands to do so but of late, it depends on her mood.

Both twins can walk although Twin B is still unstable on her feet. Both can count to ten too and understand quantity up to 10. Twin B is able to fix the chunky pieces by Melissa and Dough and I watched her turning the chunky bits in her hand to line them up correctly before putting them in. Prior to that, she would just try to force the object in place regardless of position. And it shows me that my twins have grown.

Twin B is also making great progress in the swimming class according to the Coach. Twin A however lags behind quite a bit as she wails every lesson and it is not possible to go under the water crying and wailing.  Twin B displays great enthusiasm at trying new things in the water except go under but it will be just a matter of time.

I've signed them up for childcare starting 2016 so it's going to be one more year with two helpers at home. Home now being the new house that I've sold my soul for, or rather 30 years of my life working for. Not a very attractive proposition but when I see how much space I have, and have this large playroom for the twins, I can't help but feel happy and think they are worth slogging for.

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