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Friday, March 20, 2015

22 months today

I didn't plan on blogging today because they turned 22 month but it just happened that I had my work laptop open and my mind had wandered to the twins.

Twin A is still a challenge. She never was a easy baby to start with but I'd hoped she would outgrow the crying and screaming tantrums. She hasn't. When she doesn't get her way, she arches her back and opens her mouth wide to shriek uncontrollably. It isn't pleasant and my CEB would rather let her have what she wants than to endure an hour worth of screaming. I'm different. She understands me perfectly when I tell her exactly what I am going to do with her if she doesn't shut it, now. She pauses to assess how serious I am, and then continues with the screaming to see if I'll do as I say. Testing boundaries or just simply being stubborn or....I really don't care about the reason because it doesn't change a thing with her screaming, failing out, pulling her hair and throwing stuff everywhere. Yes, a full tantrum over simple matters like finishing her food or having the toy she wants.

Unfortunately she gets the short end of the stick when it comes to fighting with Twin B. Twin B is a biter. She has bitten Twin A twice leaving abrasions on the back and shoulder. Twin A only bit back twice. Every time there is a biting session, out comes the hair clip and the offender is duly punished and smacked. Twin A learns not to bite. Twin B still bites and as much as I don't fancy corporal punishment, Twin B has to be taught what is acceptable and talking to a wilful toddler doesn't work hence the hair clip. Now, Twin B. She has a pretty good memory and is able to complete sentences. She likes to ask "What is mama doing or what is papa doing or what is aunty m doing?" when she sees us doing something she doesn't understand. "Aiyoh" "alamak" is the equivalent of cursing at our house so she says alamak too to express hers surprise/unhappiness. Yesterday night, she said "tummy pain" and pressed her tummy, before refusing to finish the rest of her milk. She followed that with "mama bring [name] toilet pass urine" so I carried her to the washroom and sat her on the can with her pyjamas and diapers on. I squatted in front of her to support her under the arms and we looked at each other. She's grown up, my little girl. She isn't growing up, she's grown up. So far from the baby she was, yet I can see the baby that she was. 

Twin B remains an affectionate creature, putting her head on my shoulder, rushing to hug us, and wishing us happy birthday or saying wo ai ni. She is content to lie in my arms to let me feed her milk, and to just lean her head on my chest to rest. I cannot imagine in my miserable life, what I have done to deserve this little girl. I know motherhood because I have her.

I love Twin A as my child - she has a sense of humor and is adorable when she doesn't cry but she displays little affection and is very independent. She doesn't want to be carried when fed milk, and doesn't hug us when we carry her. She wants to play and have fun. 

Twins, but so different. The swim coach remarked that it is as if they are sisters born at different times rather than twins. Twin B loves water - splashing, playing but Twin A yells her head off. She has improved somewhat though now that we have a pool in our home and I take her down for a swim every other day.

The twins have started going for 2 hours montessori playgroup this month and Twin A has settled in well after the first day. She now participates, according to the principal, who had commented she was anti social after the first day. Twin B though had a good start and then it all went downhill. She cries when she sees the uniform and we dress her in it. She cries and pulls my hair when we drop her off. She cries when we pick her up. 

In 9 months time, they start full day childcare and I certainly hope that this playgroup will help smooth the transition. We still do the enrichment classes twice a week but it is only after they turn 3 that all the serious enrichment courses will begin. Exciting times ahead.