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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Turning 2

Tomorrow the twins will be two.

We blew balloons, cut a cake and gave them presents (two "My Little Ponies" which good old mama and I lugged back from America last week) over the weekend. Unlike their first birthday's big bash which cost over 3 grand last year, this year's birthday celebrations have been kept to a minimum. It probably will be a couple more years before we try anything bigger than immediate family and grandparents.

Twin A's disposition has improved significantly. However, she's regressed when it comes to eating and drinking milk. She used to be able to complete here meals in fifteen to thirty minutes and now she is taking up to an hour and refusing to drink her milk. I have no idea what makes her the way she is and taking away the meal doesn't seem to have any effect on her at all. It's still the same circus act when the next meal comes around. It's a great pity that she rejects the good stuff like cod fish (I give her red snapper in lieu) and avocado (she eats only plums) which Twin B eats and she still wails and screams when made to do what she doesn't like, eg, swimming without floats. I'm thankful for the small mercies though, which include her not screaming and wailing without reason like before.

Twin B, is starting to raise a right racket now for the smallest reason. Temper tantrums, the start of the terrible twos. She doesn't like anything that isn't blue and that includes fruits or vegetables. She's vocal about what she wants and doesn't want. She likes books more than anything and it is not uncommon to find her flipping through the books on the playmat while Twin A prefers to walk around or play with the larger toys in the playpen (see saws, playhouse). Twin B doesn't like to go to school (or rather, the 2 hour unaccompanied playgroup), especially when I am around and tells me she wants to stay in the playpen all the time. She remains very physically affectionate and will wrap her arms around my neck and lay her head on my shoulder when I carry her. It is hard not to love her but she can try my temper too and I have to literally walk away before I lose it when she refuses to swallow. No problem with the milk bit but feeding her is a torture.She takes forever to finish a meal, like Twin A, and holds the food in her mouth for the longest time. She refuses all other types of fruits except avocado which is mixed with her porridge.

I am hoping that their turning two doesn't equate to a year full of tantrums, especially since both of them are able to articulate their needs, but from the way things have been panning out, I wouldn't hold out too much hope!