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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

>25 months

I read on the net that 3 is the sweet spot to start but having run out of teaching ideas for mathematics, I had the twins tested at one of the local kum0n centers and they were accepted into the program @ 25mths. This is the first enrichment class that they actually have homework for every day and I have to wake up earlier to catch them to practice the worksheets for ten-fifteen minutes each before they go off for their daily 2 hour montessori lessons. I have no idea what they learn at the montessori classes at all but they come back happy and wanting to go to school so I guess it can't be all too bad. 

Still, off they go to childcare next year since I have already registered a year in advance and waitlisted since I obtained their birth certs 2 years ago. While it is very important that there is lots of play during their childhood (which there will be since I am sending them to a play based nursery program), children learn the most when they are young and it is the least of my duties to give them all the opportunities that they should have. Hence, kum0n for Maths and then B@rries for Chinese next year. I probably will add in swimming lessons to the mix and maybe even H@guru but I had no idea that Kum0n is so time consuming with 2 lessons a week as well as homework every day so we will see.

My CEB and I discussed having a third child but the likelihood is very low because the twins require so much time, effort and financial resources already. I do have "baby fever" when I look at a new born baby but then the thought of those gynae checkups during the pregnancy, then the c section and the months of breastfeeding as well as all the activities I have to take the third one turn me right off. As for that happening later on down the road, it seems like a worse idea as I need to focus on my career once the twins start childcare next year so I guess we are pretty much done. 

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