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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

32 months today

I didn't think about resolutions for 2016 because I didn't see myself achieving any given how little control I have over, well, anything.

What I have control over, I have applied my efforts to and met with varying results. Still, it will not do to be directionless so after much thought, these are my resolutions which are somewhat similar to my 2015 ones.
1. Lose weight. Like really. Get on my birthday gift at least 3x a week. When I come home from work, I spend time with the twins till 8pm and after that, all I want to do is lie on the bed and chill. I sit down almost all the time at work so I'm getting hardly any exercise except for that hand to mouth action.
2. Keep positive and say only positive stuff. Yup. If I have nothing good to say, I need to zip it and if I must say convey a message, I need to come across as positive, if not, constructive.
3. Stop buying clothes, toys and books. I could open a shop for any of the aforesaid with how much I have. Even with all the storage space I have, I really have out shopped myself with all the shopping in USA last May and online. My kids are good all the way to age 7 for clothes and we just have to go the public library more for books since they are at the sweet age where they won't tear the pages.

The twins have started full day childcare but we take them home before 1pm naptime given how close the school is and what little activities there are in the afternoon. That will need to change start Feb as I will be down to one helper only. My CEB says we can always hire another if we can't cope but I am looking at our finances and thinking, that's not going to work. We need to pay down the mortgage asap and interest rates have gone up. We need to cut expenses and I can't cut down on the house or the kids' upbringing. So, it has to be the helper and we just have to double up and make this arrangement work. Given the current economic climate, I don't forsee myself travelling much if at all. No fishing trips this year for me either since if I have to travel, the CEB has to take childcare or annual leave.

I have to say I am surprised and pleased that it took only about 11 days of school for the twins to stop crying at drop off. Today was the 12th day of school and Twin A decided to cry but that's how she has been since she woke up so I guess I'm not going to put too much into it. They have learnt how to put on their own shoes and self feed since starting school but we still feed them at home because we prefer they use their time to flip books and listen to us read. To keep them at their current weight and ensure they don't end up being all skinny from not eating at school, I now feed them what used to be their lunch, for breakfast and cut down their 7am milk feed to just 90ml from 240ml. So they eat a full meal of pork/beef porridge at 740am and go off to school where they eat lunch of some sort and have a milk feed of 300ml. Dinner remains cod fish/salmon/threadfin porridge at 530pm and a milk feed of 240ml at 730pm before bed. This works like a dream and I am pleased. They also seem to enjoy school tremendously based on the photos and Twin A comes back singing many songs. The teacher-student ratio is 1:6 and the school is timely with updates via communication books, whatsapp chat groups and an online portal. I know what time they are in school and what time they are taken out. Thus far, touch wood, unlike the previous school, they haven't fallen ill though this morning, Twin B said she had a runny nose. I like the fact there is a lot of outdoor activity that gets them moving and drinking more water, and that there are music and movement classes they participate in when previously at MLG, Twin B wouldn't lift a hand.

Temperament wise, Twin A still hasn't snapped out of her tantrums despite my best efforts. She woke me up screaming at the top of her voice non stop because Twin B prodded Twin A's protruding tummy curiously. When Helper 2 went downstairs to prepare porridge, she stood at the doorway and shrieked again non stop. Talking nicely, naughty corners, time outs and even physical discipline has not worked. On top of that, she has strange habits that need to be corrected like slanting her head all the way to the shoulder when talking, or nodding twice vigorously for no good reason. She is behind Twin B in terms of reading and counting abilities despite being given the same advantages and attention. I think it may boil down to interest as she just prefers to walk around aimlessly. Her motor skills are better than Twin B's though.

Twin B is all determined to be a big girl and won't lie in my arms to be cuddled for long. Still, it is to mama she ambles on her fat little legs to when she wants a cuddle or hug. She is able to read independently in English which comes as a surprise to many. She is interested and it is this interest that enables her to learn and come so far. I am not ashamed to say I have spent a great deal of money and time on the twins and Twin B makes it feel that it was all worth it. She loves sleeping in my bed, which is not encouraged but I do so like cuddling up with her in the afternoon when we get a chance to on weekends. She is able to write now numbers 1-10 and can count to 100, as well recognize random numbers 1-100.

Even with full day childcare, I am trying to continue the weekday Kumon classes, and they have classes every Sat and Sunday too. B@rries on Sat morning and Phonics+Maths on Sun which makes me regret somewhat I can't lie in bed like I used to. Those days...lying in bed till 10am? Gone. Haiz.

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