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Monday, April 18, 2016

A week

And it's been a week. The days rolled by, filled with work, children and shopping. And I came to wonder if it was all a bad dream and that I'll still hear you when I call your number. I hear your voice in my head "Hey, how are you?" in that slow drawl when I pick up my office phone. And I still look at whatsapp as I habitually did when you were still alive, to make sure you were alive (from the timestamps). The last time someone looked at your whatsapp was last Tuesday. Again, another piece of you that is frozen in time forever. Like your blog.

Digital footprints frozen in time before we move to another age. Dinosaur age to Digital age. You aren't around to see the next era and neither will I. I don't know what lies beyond death although I know what I am supposed to believe. A lot of things that I thought mattered, after your death, didn't seem so important. I hear you say "doesn't matter, doesn't matter" impatiently which is what you used to say to cut off my whining. And truly it doesn't after some time, although it did matter terribly at some point. Such, is life, and the passage of time.

I read through my entire blog the days after your death. There was a post which was a summary of a book (Tuesdays with Morries). I had (bothered to) type that the purpose of life is to give and to enjoy/part take of the pleasures off the world. I have also heard it said that the point of life is to make the world a better place than before we came.

You did enjoy life, that's for sure. If I look back from the time we met, you certainly had a knack of enjoying the best of life. I think you died without regrets - it was such a sunny day last Monday morning. I'm just hoping, hoping against hope, that you aren't dead still. 

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