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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Salt (2010) Movie

A superb action-packed movie. The Slog Review: 10/10. And if course, it doesn't help that Angelina Jolie is my favourite actress...hmmm, can't think of any movie of hers which I have dissed but Salt, Salt is a great movie with the story twists and non-stop action.

Salt (Jolie's character) turns out to be a Russian spy indeed - the major twist to the movie is that she has a change in heart, turns her back to the Russians and even turns on her mentor (kills him in retaliation for killing her husband in front of her). Another significant twist is that her boss/colleague turns out to be one of the hard core terrorist plants too by the Russians and whom she manages to kill too by strangling/breaking his neck with the cuffs around her wrists (she has to jump off the stairs to do this by the way).

Watch this movie to forget the real world out there (and to marvel at God's work of art - Jolie herself). :)