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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Sands Resort @ Penang

Per my last post on Traders Hotel @ Penang, there is a daily free shuttle service to their sister hotel located at Batu Ferringhi which is essentially, Penang's most famous beach. The trip takes about 30-40mins and is almost always full so do remember to make reservations at the hotel concierge. I think the reason is that the room rates at Golden Sands Resort are twice that of Traders Hotel and most of the shops along Batu Ferringhi are closed in the day.

However, as the well-known Chinese saying goes "Yi Fen Qian, Yi Fen Hou" ie what you pay is what you get and Golden Sands appears to be a far nicer place to stay at than Traders. Esp so if one likes the resort-style type of hotel, and if one has a family with small children. The grounds and concept of the hotel is much like Singapore's Rasa Sentosa as you will see from the pics.

That's mum by the pool side - the pools here are really lovely and family-friendly. It's all very nice really - right from the reception area to the paths down to the pool and then further on to the rather clean and well-kept stretch of beach. I took the picture below standing on the beach and I bet you'll agree with me that the resemblance to our Rasa Sentosa is undeniable! The picture also shows the famed Penang restaurant called Sigi's which opens right to the beach.

Mum and I are not fans of alfresco dining given the stifling heat and murderous sun rays but the view from the outdoor tables at Sigi's was simply far too lovely to resist. So sat outside we did taking in the view of tall coconut trees, white sands and blue seas. And it wasn't hot because they turned on the ceiling fan and there was the cool fresh ocean breeze. Ah bliss!

Sigi's has a lunch time menu which means that plenty of items are not available in the day, in particular seafood like scallops and all.

If you know me, I'm allergic to chicken because it triggers my anger mgt issues (okay, I know how lame that sounds but it's better than not having an answer when questioned about this alleged allergy). However, my mum likes chicken so I decided to surprise her.

The Slog Reviews: 8.5/10. The cook did such a great job of tenderising the chicken meat that my mum thought it was fish meat (as I didn't tell her I'd ordered the chicken). And with the melted cheese which lends a very nice twang to the meat, even I who hate chicken would recommend this dish to a friend! Definitely do not miss eating at Sigi's if you are at Batu Ferringhi!

We stumbled upon this on the hotel's grounds, as I said, this is a very family-oriented hotel and there are no lack of activities for one to engage in and at pretty affordable prices too! Traders Hotel's guests are entitled to use the facilities here as well free of charge but not the facilities at the Rasa Shangrila Hotel located next door. If Golden Sands is this impressive (for Penangs' standards), I wonder how good Penang's Shang is given the rates are double Golden Sand's!

The sign above isn't to be taken lightly - there ARE jellyfish in the seas. However, the water sports like para sailing, jet skiing are so affordably priced that it would be a pity to miss these while holidaying at Golden Sands. There is also a reflexology/massage shop by the beach. Here is a picture of the Batu Ferringhi beach taken from Golden Sands' grounds. In the short time we were there, there were at least 3 brightly colored para sailing folks up in the air! I wish we had brought our swim suits because even my mum was tempted to go para-sailing. She has been a really good sport recently, having gone white water rafting in Australia with us just a few months back and I reckon I will bring good old mama for some para-sailing some day!

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