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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers (2010) movie

No surprise for guessing where we spent the New Year - in JB! I'd booked our favorite getaway place there for the weekend (Thistle) in anticipation of the overnight fishing we would be doing on New Yr's Eve but because of the bad weather, that was cancelled. So my CEB and I ended up shopping at NEX before gg back to my place to watch the DVD he had bought at Nex. There is more I want to say, but anyway, yeah...what a way to welcome the New Year. Heh.

The next day, we were at Jusco with the express purpose of changing monies but we ended up checking the movie timings at the cinema and buying tickets for the comedy. The Slog Reviews: 6.5/10. Jessica Alba appears to be in better shape than ever in her role as a well, temptress. The jokes in this movie are a tad re-cycled - you know, the 2 fingers pointing at the eyes "I'm watching you", "yeah I'm watching you watching me" but if one is out looking for a laugh, there are plenty to be had in the movie. Slap stick verbal humor mostly - think "Fockerised" and "Godfocker" but the rap during the credits is worth staying for. My humble opinion is that this movie should be watched on DVD rather than on the big screen since there is nothing remarkable about the movie or effects.

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