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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love and Other Drugs (2011) Movie

This was the 1st movie I watched on the flight to LA, and the 1st movie that I've watched in a long time that had me sitting there with tears flowing uncontrollably down my cheeks. So despite my earlier post, I am still a romantic and sentimental sop at heart. Really. I easily give this movie 10/10.

Not because of the plot alone - intelligent but wayward handsome guy who goes for anything in a skirt falls in love with a woman with a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system (Parkinson's). But because of fragments of life captured in the film, and of course, the very moving ending bit. Definitely a must-watch for all who liked My Sister's Keeper, and anyone else who has a sentimental bone. Oh, and I should mention there is top front nudity and some rather intense love-making scenes.

Anyway, there is a pretty good review of the film's plot written here so I won't write a recap of the movie. But it is the ending which made me cry - all last 10mins of it. You know, the scene where Jamie (the male lead) is putting his heart out to win back Maggie (the female lead) after he watched the video tape they made together where she said something along the lines that this moment with him was perfect and even if she had 10 thousand more moments like this one, they would all be the same, so this one (moment) was enough for her...because she has that (moment). Anyway, Jake says to Maggie that she needs him, and she says "No I don't" and he says "Everyone needs someone to take care of them" and she says that she will need him more than he will and it isn't fair and she can't ask that of him. And Jake says "You didn't ask me to." Maggie tells him that she has places to go and Jake replies "I will carry you.". Jake also adds that if there was a parallel universe where she was healthy and he perfect, he would still choose the current her, the current them. I think that is when I bawled. Meh - what a sad sop.

So anyway, other than this sappy ending, the movie has its moments of humor, sizzling scenes but its core and essence never shifts from reflecting accurately the realities of life. Jamie says at the very end of the movie "Sometimes the things you want the most don't happen and what you least expect happens...you meet thousands of people, and none of them really touch you. And then you meet that one person and your life is changed." If you are reading this entry my friend, the Slug, I thought of you right after I watched it and I believe that you'll like it as much as I do so go catch it if you haven't already. Till I get back!

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