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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tired of trips

I know I've said it once before (click here) - that the month of May has been and is going to be just crazy in terms of travel. Oh no, wait. Make that the rest of 2012 till October at least.

I've been in 1 of the neighboring countries since 3 May till 10 May 2012 for work. I came back a day earlier than I was due to because I was done with most of the work.

From 13 May to 16 May 2012, I've been fishing at Rompin. And from 18 to 20 May 2012, I've another fishing trip to Nenasi. I'll reach home by midnight and then take a morning 8/9am flight out to Japan for a work trip. I'll come back on 31 May 2012 evening.

10 days later, I'll be off to UK. U get the idea...I don't want to get into the rest of the year. I'm taking it one trip at a time. There's packing, washing, planning, printing (tickets, reservations etc)....ARGH.

I'm seriously tired. I find myself wishing that someone would invent a portal that would get me from here to there in one minute. I find myself trying to squeeze every ounce of utility I can get out of each minute. Multi-tasking, scheduling, prioritizing...there's just so much to do.

Thank goodness for a CEB who knows how to help out when the going gets tough. He has hung up the clothing, ironed the entire basket's worth of clothing and fixed the stuff that needed fixing the past week.

He is indeed, as he says, a "good good" husband. I really dig being married to my CEB.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

SPG Gold Vs Hilton Gold

I've read somewhere that Hilton Gold is equivalent to SPG Platinum.

There's some merit to that - SPG Gold doesn't quite cut it any more for me other than the 4pm late checkouts and the wider selection of hotels available to suit varying budgets.

Hilton Gold offers free breakfast for 2, complimentary high speed internet access and executive lounge access which means - free drinks, cocktail food, wifi yada yada.

And I really dig the fact that my account with Hilton Honors is updated very promptly without my having to write in to check on the status of my points.

I had been worried that for some reason (like the fact that I've been staying in KL hotels only) , Hilton might try to deny awarding me the 40,000 points for my 4 stays at the Hilton Hotel using the Infinite Card before May 2012. However, a few days after I completed my 4th stay, I saw that my account had been credited with the 40,000 points. No chasing required.

I think that I will focus on keeping my Hilton Gold membership and possibly give up my SPG one.