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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 year 1 month

We were in bed doing our own respective thingy when my CEB said to me with a tone of wonder and disbelief "I've been married for more than a year"

I hardly blame him for the tone. I feel exactly the same way too. Exactly. Sometimes I look over at him across the bed and think "oh man, what did I go do... getting myself a husband like that?"It's more amazement than fear, more amusement than horror. I can't say it enough - my CEB is so easy to love as a husband.

He isn't quite the perfect man - if I wanted to count, I'll be a most unhappy wife but I know if I continue looking at his strengths and believing in him, we would be both the happier for it. As I often tell him, since we've decided to be married, we might as well make it a happy marriage. The alternative is just not on the table, regardless of how we feel at times.

While all that sounds all optimistic and makes me sound a tad too starry-eyed, I think it all boils down to choices. And if the past thirteen months of marriage are anything to go by, I really don't know where we will be down the road. I'll love to have certainty, to know I'll grow old and grey with my CEB but the only thing certain about life is its uncertainty.

And that is why, I write each monthiversary. To give thanks to God for blessing our marriage for yet another month.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Abraham Lincoln : The Vampire Hunter (Movie) 2012

I thought the movie was enjoyable. MyCEB thought it was utter crap. You be the judge. A synopsis of the movie can be found here.

We watched the movie over the weekend at Jusco Bukit Indah. Yes, the cinema at Jusco Bukit Indah is now open and it is pretty huge. And on Saturdays, if you use your Citibank card, you can get 1 free ticket for every 1 movie ticket purchased. That works out to RM11 for 2 of us which is about SGD 2.20 per person. And parking. of which there is ample unlike Sutera Mall, cost all of RM1. That works out to be far better than catching the movie at KSL or City Square.

This isn't the only movie I've watched though in the past few weeks. I'd watched almost all the English movies showing on KrisWorld (like Jump Street 21 which was good for giggles) that I actually watched some crappy Chinese movie called "Something Swords and Dragon Gate" on the way back from the UK. However, this movie is one that has stayed in my mind. Not so much for the special effects but for the plot -the intertwining of pure fantasy with a facts/reality. And isn't that what makes the perfect lie?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home...and future plans

Nothing in the world beats coming home to a husband and a relationship that is filled with warmth and affection.

I took this picture the night I came home (Tues). While not the first time, it was the first time in more than 10 nights that I've watched my husband fall asleep holding my hand and clutching Buaticus. Even now as I type this entry, my CEB is fast asleep curled up to me (but with Buaticus snugly in his arms still!). And my heart just wells up with tenderness when I look over at him. I think I am incredibly lucky, so blessed to be married to a man I have eventually grown to genuinely feel so much for, to have shared so many good moments with.

I've been sick again since I returned to SG (the flight was a nightmare back as I couldn't breathe lying down and kept coughing) and I've also been buried with a ton of work (consequence of travelling over 10 days with very little email access). My CEB has been coughing too and I feel awful about waking him up with my loud hacking coughs the past 3 nights (and tonight). He was quite a sweetie though - pouring me glasses of water, rubbing my back and throat with vicks, offering to boil hot water and hugging me tightly (But with the darn Buaticus in between!).

I hadn't a chance to blog or catch up with anyone. Today is the first breather I've gotten to update the blog. I think I've been terrible about updating, and many precious memories and important information to share with folks out there have been lost. I'll try to be better about blogging once the present crazy workload eases off...if it does. A big IF. Sigh.

There is a saying "Be careful what you wish for". I used to want to travel so very much. I used to book ad hoc mini trips to neighboring countries on budget airlines for that little getaway. Now? I'm freaking dreading packing for trips, airports, airplanes, the drill of getting on a plane, getting off, clearing customs, unpacking in hotel, packing in hotel, unpacking when getting home. My shopping haul from Japan is still stuffed in a carrier somewhere and my suitcase from the UK trip is still wide open in the hall filled with all the stuff I bought.

And....every single month for the next four months, I will be travelling one week out of four weeks for work. 3 trips to Melbourne, 1 trip to USA. That's just going to do nothing absolutely for my family life or blogging at all! Oh well.

After October, thankfully there are no more trips planned. About time really. About time to see to the Mini-Mobs. We had our year of fun as a couple and despite my CEB's protests to have another year of carefree couple-hood, with the hiatus in travelling, I think we really should get cracking on the family front. A pity it takes just that bit of co-operation from my CEB though. :D

Saturday, June 09, 2012


I haven't had time to blog since returning from Japan some 9 days ago (and this probably will be the only post I have time for before I fly to UK tomorrow). Work has been just crazy - I haven't had time to come up for a breather at all since I touched down. And it's not going to get better in the next few months at least.

To make things worse, I caught a flu (Bacterial, not Virus) couple of days back and was as sick as a dog. I had to cancel my after-work plans for a nice dinner and spend the night shivering with a fever instead. The next day, the cough medicine totally did me in and I could barely get out of bed till the evening. So that was a waste of 2 days which I could have spent working. My CEB tried to take care of me the best he could by boiling ling yang drinks but sadly, he got chewed out for buying an inappropriate dinner of fried hokkien mee for a sick wife.

And top it all off, my CEB is sick too - not the fever-sick but the cough cough cough type of sick. While I feel bad leaving him for UK tomorrow, I kind of feel relieved I won't have to hear him coughing when I am gone. The sound of my tiger hacking away hurts my ears and heart. I cooked the herbal medicine drink from Tang Shifu for him but he has fallen asleep. Oh well.

That should be the last thing I cook before going off to UK. The fridge is empty save for my durians since I cooked most of the perishables last week for dinner on Sunday. My FIL was in China so he couldn't join us but we had a fine meal of herbal chicken soup, fish cakes, fried fish eggs and dou miao with scallops. Oh, and a chicken cordon bleu too.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our first year of marriage!

We just had our first wedding anniversary (26 May) in Japan - at the Mount Fuji area to be precise.

The work/holiday trip was a fantastic celebration of our matrimonial love crossing the 1 year mark. I'm so happy to have my CEB as my husband! No matter how much time we are destined to have together, I will always be thankful that I've had these wonderful months, memories and love with him.

My dearest love, my husband.

Thank you for providing for me, for sheltering me, for giving your heart to me, for trusting me, for filling my days with the deepest tenderness and joy that I've ever known, for listening, for trying your best to make our marriage work, for sharing my life...for just being you.

You give meaning to the words "to hold and to love all the days of my life". Which is what I want to do with you. You make me want to grow old with you, You make me want to have many more nights with you like this one we've had and many more days like this day we shared. I want to be able to continue looking over at you just inches away all curled up asleep with Buah Buah in your arms, to know that once I put aside this computer I'll snuggle up against your back and hold you tight. Or to fall asleep in the crook of your arm with our legs intertwined and wake up in the morning to your kisses and hugs. Nothing in the world is more precious to me than this opportunity and time I have with you, someone I have grown to love more deeply over time.

Even though you are my big strong tiger, you evoke in me the strongest sense of gentleness and affection. I can only hope that I make you as happy as you have made me. And from your state of contentment and heart-felt loving words almost every day, I believe that you are. For you know you are loved, needed, respected and trusted so very much by your (insert unflattering nickname twice)

May God continue to bless our love and marriage. To our first anniversary once more - cheers.