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Monday, April 28, 2014

Character traits

Parents have the responsibility of building character and I write this to remember what I want for the twins:

1) grit
2) self-control
3) zest
4) social intelligence 
5) gratitude
6) optimism
7) curiosity 

And may they be blessed with motivation, perseverance, good study habits and time management skills.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Docking station

My CEB likened me to a docking station for the twins. Twin A recently has become clingy to me where previously she was independent. No matter who was holding her earlier, the moment she sees me, she crawls over and tries to stand up using me as support. And she hugs on to me desperately if I try to put her down. If I do put her down, it will be for but for sec before she wails and tries to crawl over. And today I was reading to Twin B in the hall when she crawled over and pushed Twin B away so she could sit where Twin B sat. 

Twin A weighs in at 10.3kg (the 18-24mths Gap swimsuit is already tight on her ) and seems to be developmentally ahead of Twin B. She is however more fearful in nature and will need persuasion to accept something new, be it food or an activity. Unlike Twin B, she does not like the Gerber stars but prefers bread for snacks. 

As for Twin B who is 10.4kg, she has become pretty adept at picking up the Gerber snacks and feeding herself with them. She loves books and is starting to learn how to flip the books the right way up. She has a curious habit of tapping her fingers on objects, particularly new ones. And she is v clingy to me. If I carry her, she won't let anyone else but my helper take her away. She will hug tighter on to me and rest her head on my chat to show she wants to be with me. Twin B is also v vocal and makes all sorts of sounds. And when I feed her and she is full, she will grab my hand that is holding the spoon and say mama mama pleadingly. She also gave me quite a delightful shock 2 says back when I asked her where is mama while carrying her and she slapped my chest resoundingly.  In the past 3 says we have been out, I have been stopped at least 3 times by strangers who say she is damn cute or gush over her. She is happy to blow kisses or wave after a time or say Gee to them which is endearing. 

I try to spend as much time as I can teaching them and playing with them. These are the pics I took of them today when I took them down for a swim,

I also took them to Ntuc xtra for the first time where they sat in the trolley seats. There is so much for them to see and explore!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

11 months

And so 11 months have gone by. The absolutely best months I have had.

I am no longer a kris flyer gold card member or a Hilton Gold member and I am giving up my HSBC infinite card this month as my lifestyle has altered dramatically since I was pregnant. 

I have no regrets living it up before I became a mother and I have less regrets giving it all up in exchange for time with the twins.

The twins now can blow kisses and wave bye or hello. Twin B called my CEB Daddy 2 days ago. I found Twin A's button to make her scream with glee. They crawl everywhere and anywhere and though I bought a 12 panel haenim playard, I have only used 5 panels to block off the TV console area rather than to keep them in. They are curious at this age and want to touch everything. Their fingers are now strong enough to press buttons and both twins can press the button to open the gate. They have also mastered the pincer grip with twin b happily feeding herself the gerber puffs. Twin A prefers eating bread though.

Other than the 2 stuffed toys they were gifted with since birth by my sister and which I take a photo of them with monthly, they do not have any other stuffed toys and display zero interest in cuddling one (twin b will hug on command the giraffe though). They much prefer books and I have tons of books for them to flip while eating or to study the pictures of when they are not crawling about.

I don't know where their interests lie as yet but I think they need to be given the opportunity to be exposed to more than the babyspa and once a week enrichment classes. It is time to start planning indeed.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Motherhood has been a juggling act, what with twins and having to hold down a full time job. Knowing that my conversations with the twins and time spent interacting with them will have an immeasurable influence on their lives, I have done my best to be around them as much as possible. I plan my days, my time around them and there is sometimes, very little time left for anything else. They are only awake 7am to 7pm and so whatever can be done in the night (work like telecon), is done then.

I know that they will grow up one day. I know that they will leave me one day. But I enjoy them now, so very much. Nothing gives me greater happiness than to see Twin A grin at me in pure joy on the playmat or to have Twin B crawl as fast as her little legs will take her to me saying mama mama. I thank God for my twins, and I thank God for my wonderful job that not only allows me the financial ability to provide for them but also allows me the time with them and to watch them grow up. I love hearing their laughter, playing with them, letting them amaze me with each milestone.

Twin A can crawl over to the bumble bee now to crinkle its wings if I tell her to, and she knows how a book is held, turning it the proper way around if you give it to her upside down. She is also able to flip the flaps of all the books, turn the pages when I tell her "turn the page" and both twins are able to hi five and clap their hands on command. And when I sing row row row the boat, Twin A will rock back and forth to the tune. They are also able to be "little Red Indian girls" by clapping their mouths while making sounds and they know how to press the buttons to the lift to go down and up. Twin B also knows that to open the gate when we come back from the stroll, she must touch the key transponder to the keypad until we hear a beep then we can open the door. She also understands what kicking is snd splashing is and when I tell her to kick the fisher price penguin or the fire hydrant she does do with great gusto!

Babies aren't born knowing all of that. The twins aren't clever or special doing all of the above. All that they can do are the product and results of hours spent by my mother, the nanny, the maid and me with them, talking and teaching, repeating and reading. Buying a bunch of toys (and yes, I have loads) and letting them play with those on their own isn't going to help them. To learn, there must be interaction and effort. To teach, there must be commitment and heart.

Children to be enjoyed and loved. Especially at this age when they adore you and you are the world to them. It is a privilege, a blessing to be a parent, and I feel so so so complete with my 2 little munchkins.that I know with utmost certainty that I will not regret the sacrifices I have made and will make for them.

 I know the best feeling of the world now -  to watch my daughter fall asleep in my arms, to have her want me, call me, lay her head on my shoulder and sometimes just look at me full in the face with an expression of wonder. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Update at almost 11 months

I think the grown spurt at the 9th month was the most momentous one. 

They (Twin A followed by Twin B ) managed to get to a sitting position on their own from their usual lying down (back or belly) positions. After that (about 10 months), they (Twin B followed by Twin A ) managed to pull themselves up to a standing position in their cots by holding on to the bed rails. 

And at 10 months and 10 days, Twin B looked at me and said “Mummy”. I thought it was a fluke but she called me Mummy again the next day, and 1 week later when my CEB carried her, she said clearly and sweetly “Papa”. Since 4+ months Twin A could say “Mum Mum, Mama Papa and Dada” but I doubt she associated the right objects with the words, maybe save for “mum mum” which she would repeat when hungry. Now she looks at me and says “Mama”. 

They are also able to “hi five” and “clap” their hands on command, and identify objects around the house (that started about 8 months) like “light”, “fan”, “door”, “key” and “mummy’s wedding photo”. I still bring them to the babyspa but have also started to bring them to the condo’s pool once/twice a week in the morning for a quick splash about. I started with Twin B since she appeared to like splashing her feet in the water every time we walked by, and then started bringing Twin A whom I had previously pushed in a pram on morning walks to the bus stop where we would sit and watch the vehicles go by before dropping by the letter box to get letters. Until they can walk properly, swimming is still the main and only form of exercise. Last week though. My CEB and I fenced up the TV area with the Haenim playard as the twins have started crawling somewhat. Twin A can crawl faster and on her hands and knees but Twin B will not be thwarted and will drag herself on the belly to get where she wants to. 

Twin A and Twin B display the same characteristics as they did when they were in my womb. Twin A is still less active and less demanding attention wise. She appears to be scared of Twin B when it comes to grabbing for stuff and tends to give in to Twin B (almost) always. She still cries easily, whenever she is just the slightest bit unhappy and feeding her is the stuff of nightmare. She just refuses to suck at the teat and can leave it in her mouth for 45mins and suck 10ml out of 200ml. In the end she is taken out to be spoon fed the milk and sometimes that ends up all over the place. She is also a fussy eater and uses her hands to beat away the food but when it comes to bottled/pre-prepared jarred/packet foods, she eats that happily enough.

 Twin B kicked a lot in the womb and still uses her feet to express herself by thumping away with both legs up and down really hard if she’s unhappy or using her feet to push stuff away, eg my arm if I am bottle feeding her. She also has started biting recently, including biting Twin A and latching is an impossibility as she won’t suck but lunge forward and bite with her two bottom teeth.However, Twin B has her little winning ways though – she is a very happy baby waiting to laugh and will chuckle loudly with glee at the slightest opportunity (such as my making a funny sound or even while she’s watching me play with Twin A). Since 9 months, she has started to offer me her pacifier to suckle and this morning when I gave her a comb to comb her hair, she reached out with the comb to comb my hair instead. 

I am still giving them full breast milk at almost 11 months and I am hoping to hit the one year mark. God is good indeed – I can’t imagine the cost if I had to use formula milk given that 1 can is about S$50 and they go through 2 cans every 10 days. The money saved goes towards paying for their enrichment classes (started at 8 months for 1 hour). 

And talking about finances, it is getting harder though to go to work especially when the twins are awake and clamoring to leave the house but I can’t imagine staying at home taking care of them 24/7 with a helper and doing the same feed-bathe-nap routine day after day. I would go quite mad. The nanny is still the best option for now (though a few thousand a month is very taxing on the pocket.) because 1) unlike parents/in-laws, she does things how I want things to be done at home 2) it allows me freedom to buy and do whatever I like, especially for the twins. However, next month they turn 1 years old and I guess it’s time to look at other options for my two little munchkins.