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Monday, May 19, 2014

Growing up so fast

A few days ago, Twin B started pointing at objects while saying oooo and identifying animals in books. But she thrilled me when 2 days ago while feeding her, I asked her to wipe my mouth and she picked up the wet towel and dabbed my mouth. 

Both twins can also give me items on command and identify objects when asked to pick between two - like qn avocado and lemon.

Twin A proves difficult to feed still, rejecting even breastmilk and formula milk and the nanny has to resort to spoon feeding. 

Twin B loves milk though but is a nightmare to feed solids. Where she clammed her lips shut, she now refuses to swallow and lets everything dribble out. Sigh. 

Despite these difficulties, both have breached the 10kg mark and carrying them around proves v v tiring. I still take them on their morning walk though to show them either the gardens or the roads.