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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm a liar

Yeah, I'm writing this post on my second last night in Tokyo, lying in bed watching looper after having pumped despite feeling ill.

You read that right - pumping. I brought the freaking breast pump to Tokyo and have been pumping 2x a day, when I wake up and before I sleep so as to maintain supply. The volume is pathetic though - about 100ml in the night and about 140ml in the morning. Maybe I will increase back to 3x a day since afterall, I am already pumping.

My mum asked me when I intended to stop. I guess when the supply stops totally on it's own. Twin A is on full FM but Twin B has 2 feeds of breast milk still.
When I get home I think the freezer will be depleted off the packets of EBM and I am bringing nothing home.

Everything I have pumped I have poured down the sink - pump and dump. There isn't any way around it - the milk can't survive 10 days on the road and a 6hr flight home.

The first thing I did when I landed was to pump in the nursing room in narita airport and that, will be the last thing I will be doing before I get on board tomorrow night. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Color recognition

Twin B is able to identify colors after 3 days of continuous teaching. 

When I ask her to search for an item in a book and she can't find it, eg a balloon, I will tell her the color and she quickly finds the object eg pink balloon.

Twin B also shows an interest in being read to - she will bring the book over to you and climb into your lap. And yes, is the same book over and over.

Her infectious peels of laughter are triggered when we say ball ball or poke poke. This little girl is really a happy little button. 

Twin A shows more of an inclination to be taken for walks to look at vehicles. She is more careful than twin B when asked to look for an object and point it out. However she is more accommodating and will crawl over to an object you ask for and bring it over to you. Her motor skills are more advanced than twin B and she can push a ball or kick a ball and put all the coins and CDs into slits on the pig or toy. She can also shape sort some shapes.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The letter P

Twin B has added the word purple and potato to her vocabulary at 13mths+

This little girl will be quite a talker, I think.

She also indicates a very strong preference for the colors purple and blue in that order.

Weighing in at 11.4kg which is 400gm more than Twin A, I have a feeling that she is no willow - that dress on her is by pigeon (jap brand) for a 3yrs old.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The letter B

The twins can talk at 13mths+. Or at least say some words

E1 says Ball whenever she sees a ball and points to it. She can also say Bag and Book and point to the items other than Mama. Occasionally she says "where" and when I ask here where is E1 is, she taps her chest. She is also getting quick at identifying and looking for items on the pages of a book and points to the shoe cupboard when I ask her where are her shoes. She is also obliging in nature and likes to fetch things on request. She can walk a few steps unsupported before sitting down and best of all, she has developed an ability to indicate no. If she does not want something she will shake her head. Unfortunately, she does not want a great many things ESP food so she is usually shaking her head. 

E2 on the other hand displays a healthy appetite and likes adult food. While E1 spits out right away what she doesn't like, E2 has a habit of storing the food in her fat little cheeks and refusing to open her mouth. Finally she will open her mouth and let all the food and saliva dribble out. E2 remains a very happy child waiting to laugh and recently she will laugh when I say bag bag before she repeats after me bag bag. She can say ball, apple and there. 

Both children enjoy being read to and asked to find common objects on the page. However E2 loves books more than toys and is always flipping the pages of a book even if not read to.

My domestic helper told me that E2 put her hand across my helper' mouth when my helper ignored her eh eh eh to be read to and talked to the nanny instead. This little girl will not be ignored.