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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Turning 35

The plan was to go to the babyfair and have a nice dinner with the hubby on my birthday.

Instead, I spent the day with the twins because I had fallen and broken my ankle the Sunday before. We were going to the pool with the twins and I was carrying E2 looking straight ahead instead of the steps and I missed the last step.

She was alright as she landed on my tummy still held in my arms but my right ankle wasn't. We thought it was a bad sprain but the xray showed an avulsion fracture which required a fiberglass cast.

And so there went my plans. The CEB was sweet enough to surprise me with a birthday cake the night before my birthday but dinner that day was just another home cooked meal. Alas. Not being mobile, to drive, to see the world has really dampened my spirits.

Turning 35 is also memorable because 12 days before my birthday, we bought a house. Yes, we are in debt now like all home owners! Prior to this, we have been staying at my in laws house but because it has just 2 bedrooms and we can't have the twins and the 2 helpers in one bed room, we decided to do some serous house hunting and in the stagnant market, we made 3 offers and the third, which was the lowest priced, was accepted. The other two were taken off the market.

The bank loan has been approved, the lawyers appointed and in a matter of months, we will be moving into the new home which is just 1 mrt station away from my mama's place's mrt station.

I never thought the first property we would purchase would be what it is. We were looking primarily at condos but given how much space children need these days, we decided to just bite the bulley and buy what would last us about 20 years till perhaps we could downsize after they have flown the coop.

So I'm 35 now, with 2 children I have gotten myself into debt for, and a CEB that still cracks the most nonsensical jokes. I can't bathe now without his help and he called me a "mobyko" because I had to climb out of the bathtub like sadako climbs out of the toilet.

I don't think my life could get anymore complete and I thank God for his kind blessings, broken ankle and all!

Monday, August 04, 2014

14 going on 15

Just a couple of days ago, my daughter kissed me. That was Twin A. I asked her to kiss mama and she leaned forward and put her lips on my cheek. 

There are some moments that you know you will remember forever and that's one of them.

Twin B has started to make her demands known through sign language. Her favourite word is mama mama and when she wants something she will point at it and go mama mama. 

We have a bedtime ritual where I  would dab organic cream into her fat little hand and face before I feed her milk. I forgot about that yesterday and she kept pressing one little fat hand on the back of the other hand. I didn't understand - then she pointed at the bottle and said mama mama and then pressed her hand again. 
And I understood. I understood my little girl.

When I hold her, rock her to bed in my arms and then smell her warm breath, I am filled with gratitude, wonder and joy. I look at her sleeping face, her open mouth, her soft hair and curls and I am lost in the moment. When she is awake, I marvel at her chubby little legs and rotund belly, her sweet little voice calling mama, her doing the cha cha cha by stamping her little feet. 

I do not believe it is possible for me to love anyone more than I love the twins. I love my CEB too , for he has been a supportive father and given me much lee way to do as I please with the twins, thus avoiding a lot of friction or quarrels if there were 2 parents trying to make the decision. :) I am a blessed mother and wife!