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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mama,.... Pls

Sentences. Twin B can construct sentences. Just a couple of days ago, she said to me clearly "Mama hold [Name] hand pls." Previously, it was "Mama carry [Name] up", completely with hands in the air. And when I left for work, she said "Mama go work. Bye bye Mama". Oh my little girl, I want to arrest time. I don't want you to grow up so fast and start talking back or asking a million questions. I love you completely, absolutely as you are now, with your chubby legs, spontaneous laugh, endearing little ways (like hugging us) and limited speech.

At work today, I checked in via the webcam and found my little girl twirling in circles around and around. I watched her dance, delighting in her new found ability to spin about without falling. And I wanted to be right there with her. To hold her little face, cuddle her tight, kiss her a million times, smell her hair, listen to her little voice pip up.

But I have been blessed with so many other memories of the twins. I bought a second playhouse (Step 2) which arrived on Saturday and I watched the twins play. Really play. Twin A would be in the playhouse and Twin B would shut the windows of one side and wait. Twin A would then push open the windows and Twin B would run away shrieking with pure joy and laughing before going back to the windows and closing it. Twin A would push the shutters open again and Twin B would again run away into my arms. There truly is no purer or greater happiness than that of a child, and a child doesn't need very much to make them happy.

Twin A isn't as vocal but with Twin B around, she tries to communicate her wants too by imitating Twin B. First time, she said "Mama carry [Twin B name] up" with her arms in the air and I said to her "Carry who? You want mama to carry Twin B?" She looked puzzled and then revised the sentence to "Mama carry jie jie up". Her name is four syllabus and it is only 2 days ago she has managed to somewhat say her entire name. She hasn't been able to outgrow the scream-cry phase when she wants something but I think that is because she doesn't have the ability to communicate like Twin B. Twin B can say clearly what she wants, when she wants for eg. pacifier, water bottle, hug, read book pls, go play pen". Hmmm. or maybe it is because Twin A wants what we are not prepared to give , like time out of the play pen (which has 12 panels and isn't claustrophobic) or to be carried all the time and not put down, which is an impossibility. Twin B's demands are always simple - to be read to, and she doesn't cry if she is not carried out of the playpen but picks up a book and flips through it. In that sense, she is less demanding but feeding her is a nightmare.

When it comes to adult food, she swallows the food so quickly but her latest trick is leaving the food in her mouth without swallowing. I try to give her more water to wash it all down but instead she opens her mouth and lets everything dribble out. That can be extremely annoying. And while feeding her, we give her books or lego or toys to entertain her but she tires of them easily and pushes them away saying no no no. I have to sit on my hands and not smack her when she does stuff like that.

2 weeks to 20 months and I still have not signed them up for daily classes. We only do two one hour enrichment class on Thurs and Sat to break the monotony of staying at home. With the existing playroom and each other for company, I didn't feel compelled to have to send them to school and expose them to germs and all the other associated risks with mixing with other children (biting etc). However, I think they are at the age to learn so much more so it might be time to explore other options.