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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turning 3

Since Lihwei's death, I haven't blogged nor had the slightest inclination to. I received the news only a couple of weeks ago that he has been finally laid to rest. Truth be told, I can't wrap around my mind or heart around the fact that he's dead, gone and now ashes in a niche. How do you put away more than 12 years of friendship just like that? I can't. I miss him. I miss what he would say to me if I called him. I miss dialing his number. Life is beautiful but it is so fleeting and sometimes, cruel.

But it has to go on.

The twins turned 3 in May. This year, we celebrated their birthday in the childcare with all their little friends. I hope everyone had a blast and enjoyed the cake, goody bag of sweets and little presents.

Twin A's motor skillls are far superior to that of Twin B - she can write 1 to 10 free hand in a 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch box. Phonics class has also helped improve her reading skills so she can read most words in a book but she doesn't ask for help if she sees a word she does not know and prefers to flip through the book looking at pictures. Temperament wise, still a crier unfortunately. She still wails or snivels which really needs changing.

Twin B can;t write free hand and her tracing is horrid. She literally gobbles up books. Her memory is pretty good too - she can still remember stories read eons ago while I have forgotten who Belliforant is. However, her memory is too vivid and she is afraid of all the monsters she has read about. Maybe I better stop borrowing those books on Greek methodology. She's still a loving affectionate child in private but unfortunately proving to be disrespectful in school. Maybe she needs a sterner hand.

My precious turns 9 years old in less than half a year. I can't believe it has almost been a decade since I bought the car. Despite being tempted several times along the way, I haven't changed car because this car is still reliable, well maintained and well, cheap. Car prices have come down from the peak but are still astronomical. I don't think I will be changing cars any time soon - probably will ride it to the end and maybe my CEB will take over since his is less ideally maintained. I probably will get a 7 seater the next round although 4 is the size of our immediate family.

I strongly doubt we will have another child. There is immense pressure and uncertainty at work so I'm going to need to well watch expenses and my job. If I were younger, I'll probably go for another one too but the 3 years have been expensive, time consuming and exhausting. I just don't think I have it in me to go for another one. My CEB is on the same page so I guess that's my lot in life.