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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 3 at Langkawi on 5 November 2010 (Eagle Square at Langkawi)

As I'd said in my earlier post, the advert of Eagle Square was the reason for us flying from Penang to Langkawi and so we decided to drop by Dataran Lang located just opposite Langkawi Fair (which incidentally is not worth visiting as a shopping center) while at Kuah Town. My CEB was worried about getting a fine for parking at those lots which require a coupon (which of course, were not provided in the rented car) but we figured that we would just take the risk anyway. Thankfully the sun wasn't out in full force so walking across the square to get to the Eagle statue wasn't too painful an exercise.

A tablet at the entrance of the Square (or rather, the long walk) explains to those who bother to read, that Langkawi means reddish brown eagle. The tablet also states that the majestic statue is strategically placed to welcome visitors to the island. And I have to agree that the statue really does look rather majestic and makes for a good couple of shots.

However, other than taking various shots of the statue, and avoiding a man soliciting tourists to take pictures with one of the snakes around his neck, there is nothing else to do at Eagle Square. Unless taking in the views of the jetty and sea counts (see pic below).

Nonetheless, if one has a spare bit of time in Langkawi and is at the Kuah Town area in a rented car, I would say that Eagle Square is worth a visit at least for some photos. (I especially like the shot of the Eagle Statue I took below heh) The Kuah Ferry Terminal is within walking distance from Eagle Square and there are several shops at Jetty Point (like Watsons, Guardian etc).

There is also a garden, called Lagenda Park on the other side of the statue...according to a similar looking tablet, this is a 20hectare landscaped theme park which stretches from the jetty to Kuah Town. The weather had gotten rather hot and I am not into horticulture so we gave that a miss.

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