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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 3 in Langkawi on 5th Nov 2010 (Champor Champor at Pantai Cenang)

As mentioned, our hotel for our last night in Langkawi was at Pantai Cenang. Having blacklisted Orkid Ria Seafood Restoran, we decided to try Champor Champor which is located in the heart of Pantai Cenang. The Slog Reviews: 9.50/10 - great ambiance, service and food. The prices are a bit on the steep side for Langkawi standards (about RM 25 per dish) but are well worth paying for the ambiance and service. And the Tom Yom soup which we shared below while not particularly outstanding was yummy enough (RM10+).

My CEB had the beef rendang while I ordered lamb stew with rice. My CEB said that the beef was slightly overcooked and hard but I had no problems with my lamb stew or the pieces of beef he shared with me for that matter. Presentation of both dishes was decent enough with the rice serving being uniquely cyclical-shaped but what really sold me was the ambiance - the rugs, the tables set-up and flags draped across the ceiling lent the entire restaurant both a cozy and oriental atmosphere that I've not seen before. There is also a bar corner at another section of the restaurant where one can grab a beer to chill out and have a gab fest with the friendly bartender.

The opening hours of Champor Champor are 19:00 – 01:00 but if you wish to be sure before going down, you could always call this number first 604 955 1449.
We didn't have the tel number for the breakfast and bar and relied on information from the net which said that the place opened at 7am. As a result, when we drove to Breakfast and Bar at 7am, it was closed. We waited till 7.20am and saw a few employees within getting ready for the day but they blithely ignored us. When we finally managed to stop one of them who was walking out, he told us off-handedly that they would only open at 8am. Ugh.

Because we had gotten up so early to have breakfast at Breakfast&Bar, we ended up with spare time on our hands and my CEB suggested cutting through the motels along Pantai Cenang to get to the beach. At 7+am on a Sat morning, the beach was rather deserted and pretty dull-looking.

And after all the walking on the beach (and no breakfast), we decided to head straight for Langkawi airport (all the shops and eateries were still closed about 8+am) for our flight to Penang.

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