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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ipod Touch

2 new gadgets in a month for a technosaur is a nightmare come true. My beloved boss bestowed on me a Blackberry 9700 early this month (click here) and just when I was getting used to having and carrying 2 phones around (co phone is purely for co-related matters of cos), myCEB decided to get me an iPod Touch for Xmas this year.

I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth BUT....it isn't funny when I find myself pressing the screen of my Blackberry (instead of scrolling using the control panel) to get it to work. Thanks to the iPod Touch, which also incidentally is to be thanked for the 3 hours of sleep I have been getting the past 2 days. Addictive. And to think my CEB called me a Blackberry addict.

And oh, so much too for my allegiance to Sony Ericsson. I've used nothing but SE phones since 2003. I was even oh so proud, not too long ago, at not having joined the iPhone club unlike my CEB, my sister and just about everyone else. In fact, I thought my Sony Ericsson W950i, with its 8.1mp camera was all I needed - it could take great photos for the blog, had wifi connectivity and would fulfill the basic functions of a phone - phone calls and texting.

It still IS the deal....but it is a tad worrying when more often than not these days, I find my thumb smoothing the control panel bit of the phone (as if it was the Blackberry!) instead of pressing down as I should. The only consolation I have is that I didn't join the iPhone club which would have rendered both the iPod Touch and Blackberry quite redundant.

It appears that the IT Gods have a plan for The Slog.

Now if only the same could be said about Cupid. My CEB and I were viewing houses last Sunday with our agent and we could not find one of the blocks we were scheduled to view. My CEB joked with the agent that we needed a wand (so that like in 1 of the Harry Potter movies with a wave of the wand, the building blocks would part to reveal the block we were searching for).

Our agent: Haha, like Harry Potter
My CEB: Ya but I have no hair (my CEB decided to go bald a couple of years back) so you must call me Hairless Potter.

Cupid save me...is this your grand plan for The Slog here?!

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